Monday, August 6, 2012

Tower 26 8/1/12 6am Photos by Shiggy Ichinomiya GoShiggyGo GSG

Tower 26-----Wednesday, August 1st 2012
**Please give photo credit.  ©Shiggy Ichinomiya  GoShiggyGo.Com**

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(Above: Tom Hiel running into the deep blue sea)

(Above: Janice Loughman waving to her fans)

(Above: Captain Bernardo doing another loop around the buoy at 6am)

 (Above: I love how these triathletes legs and feet are in perfect synchronicity) 

(Above: Walking on water. Go UCLA)

(Above: Yes, yes, Coach Gerry would be proud. "Dolphining" through the water. Speaking of dolphins......see way below)

(Above: I love how everyone is leaning back as they brace for a wave.  Perfect sync. Score of 10)

(Above: Rosalind giving a high TEN)

 (Above: Tina vs Brian)

(Above: Brian is way behind Tina)
(Above: Brian noticing that Tina is speeding up)

(Above: Brian goes to warp-speed)

(Above: Brian doesn't want to be chicked)

(Above: Brian almost catches up to Tina Geller)

(Above: Brian does some sort of a squishy jump....and the winner is.........)

(Above: Model Erin makes an appearance.)

(Above: Gorgeous model Erin waves to the camera)

(Above: Pro athlete getting introduced by Matt Dixon)

(Above: Wattie Ink)

(Above: AKA "the bikini girl" joins the swim before her upcoming Alcatraz swim)

(Above: I wonder what Susan is thinking?)

(Above: The waves picking up BIG time)

(Above: The amazing Carly!!!)

(Above: Chicago Bears Mike Ditka AKA Jim)

(Above: Damon Lee finishing STRONG)

(Above: Alison de Luca and Anna Wills doing the YVCA)

(Above: Paul S. looking out after completing many loops)

(Above: Michael Avon)

 (Above: Lynne Fiedler says "hi" and then a quick burst of speed and she's away....)

(Above: It's 6am and Alison de Luca is ready for her model photo shoot. Always smiling!!!!)


(Above: Isn't this the "mohawk guy' who just sent Rover of NASA to Mars?)

(Above: A complete and whole silver dollar!!!! Good luck!!!)

 (Above: Swimming with sharks, nah, that's a dolphin!!!)

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