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Boudoir Photo Shoot. Model: Michelle. Military Wife Gift and Present for Husband. Behind the Scenes Video.

{I uploaded Google's Picasa and ALL my photos were deleted.
Please click link below for photos. This is very frustrating and time consuming to re-upload them. Sorry!!
Click link BELOW for photos. Thank you.}

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Boudoir Photography and Behind the Scenes Photos and Video.
A military wife wants to surprise her wonderful husband with a classy gift of beautiful photographs and timeless images.

Name: Michelle
Experience modeling: Zero. First time. 
Hair & Make-Up (MUA): Trisha Kwan
Trisha's Website: Beauty by TK
Follow Trisha on Facebook: Beauty by TK on Facebook
Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
Shiggy's Website:www.GoShiggyGo.Com
Follow Shiggy on Facebook: GoShiggyGo Photography

I asked Michelle to bring her husband's white dress shirt and some of his personal military belongings.
She did. She brought his United States Navy Military Cap.
Perfect Michelle.  Nice touch!!

Google's Picasa Album deleted ALL my photos from ALL my blogs. So I had to re-upload them. Grrrr. It made me very upset and it's very frustrating and time consuming.
Please click Link BELOW for photos:

Click on HERE for photos. xoxo

(Above: The before images of Michelle.
Amazing what a professional hair and make-up artist (and photographer) can do!!!!)

(Above: Michelle chatting with friendly Trisha the MUA as 
the sun sets in the background.)

(Above: ONE of my FAVORITE photos from Michelle's boudoir session.
I love the way the light falls on her eyes.
I love her gentle touch as she holds her husband's shirt.
I love her elegant posture and slight arch in her back.
I love the photo in black and white.
Timeless. Elegant. Classy.)

(Above: Boudoir photography doesn't have to be all serious and moody. 
It can be outrageously fun and spontaneous.
Michelle is bringing out her inner child and having so much fun  jumping up and down on the bed.)

(Above: Michelle is deliberately blurred out in the background (bokeh) and her husband's United States Navy cap is in the foreground.)

Brought to you by GoShiggyGo.Com

(Above: An American Beauty!!)

(Above: Michelle biting her lower lip ever so slightly.)

(Above: I'm loving the color palette here!!)

(Above: Heart!!!!) 

(Above:  Nice "s" shape!!)

(Above: Michelle, you should do some hand modeling too!!
Very graceful and feminine hands.)

(Above: Moody. Mysterious. Alluring.)

(Above: The next Victoria's Secret model)

(Above: Great lingerie selection!!)

(Book your photo shoot and have stunning images for YOUR legacy.
All photos are private.

(Above: Trisha being attentive to details. Trisha the stylist too!!)

(Above: Detail shots.

Nice ring Michelle!!!)

(Above: Beautiful necklace! Detail shot.)

(Above: I think THIS is one of my favorite photos from the entire boudoir photography session.)

(Above: I love how Trisha brings the curling iron to the bed.
Nice attention to keeping the model's hair NOT from looking dull, flat and lifeless but FRESH and SPRINGY!!!!)

(Above . Trisha checking on Michelle's make-up. Keeping it FRESH and VIBRANT.)

(Above: Nice ink!!)

I'm lovin' the koi tattoo.   Koi in Japanese means "carp."

Did you know that the Japanese homophone "koi" can also mean "love?"

Koi = carp (鯉)

Koi = love(恋)

(Above: Styling Michelle's hair.)

(Above: Military wife with military GUNS!!!)

(Above: Photos can be implied.
Is she wearing clothes?
Or is she undressed?
Michelle IS wearing a ring and a smile!!)

(Above: Michelle reacts to something funny Trisha the make-up artist said.)

(Above: Wild. Wild. Wild.
 Be wild.

Born to be wild.

We are all born to be wild, untamed and unconstrained.
Get back your inner WILD.
Get YOUR inner WILD on and book

a boudoir photography session today.)

(Leave your comfort zone. Find YOUR magic zone.)


(Above: Michelle getting her hair did.)

(Above: Don't say "cheese" for the camera.
Say "Lamborghini!!")

(Above: "Behind" the scenes!!) 



(Get  out, run, no sprint out of your comfort zone.
BOOK a magical photo shoot today.

(Above: Trisha helping Michelle with her necklace.)

(Above: Beauty By TK.)

(Above: Thank you Michelle!!! I appreciate the shout-out!!
I hope your husband loves the photos.)

WOW. Amazing "before" and "after" photos from a recent boudoir photo shoot. The military wife wanted to give these timeless images to her husband.  She has no modeling experience, yet has willingness and courage to just go for it. 
Valentine's Day is fast approaching.   Boudoir photos are great for anniversaries. Birthday presents. Or just because!!! Don't just "think about it." Do about it. Strike while the iron is hot!!!  Book your boudoir session today with a professional make-up artist and professional photographer.  

Please contact Shiggy for details and prices:
(The friendly photographer!!!)

Yes, it doesn't matter what's your size.
YOU are a size AWESOME.
All sizes welcome.
Experience. No experience. YOU are welcome.
Now go ahead and book yourself a photo shoot. 

You are a size AWESOME.

Don't wait.
Don't wait until everything is "perfect." It never will be.
Don't wait for things to happen, MAKE them happen.
Book your photo shoot NOW.
Dare yourself. Challenge yourself. Put half the deposit down. Now you are invested.
Invest in YOURSELF.

An optional "Behind the Scenes" video can be purchased.
YOU can be the star of your own boudoir video.
Pick your favorite song.
Show ALL your friends and make them jealous.
Hollywood Baby!!! 
Click below.

(Below: Click the Behind the Scenes Video.
YOU to can order a BTS Video for your boudoir session.)

Please don't hesitate to contact SHIGGY your nice and friendly photographer and book your photo shoot today.

Click on HERE for photos. xoxo

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