Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favorite quotes, sayings and clippings

"YOU have to put the WORK into it." If you're going to treat Etsy as a hobby, you'll get hobby money.  If you treat it as a business, you'll make real money."  Timothy Adam from the book How to Make Money Using Etsy.

Great content equals more traffic....and that equates to higher sales.

Remember the adage: If you don't have time to do it right, you'll have to make time to do it over.  In sales, you may not get a second chance with a prospect.  That means you'll have to take even more time to find new people to pitch. Do it right the first time. DON'T RUSH IT.

Clinton Kelly---You should also wear the right clothes.
It's about control.  When you take control of your message and how you want to be perceived by other people, it's empowering.
You want people to sum you up as a successful, confident person. 

You deal a lot with people's confidence issues on "What not to wear." How does image impact a person's attitude?
CK: It's a human desire to feel attractive. That doesn't mean sexually attractive, just attractive.  When you feel as if you look good, you'll feel better.   If your personal spin is to wear things that have holes or are dirty or shapeless, you're going to give the impression that you're schlumpy.  
Your clothes help you get what you want out of life. 
You know, black clothes can look professional.  But if you wear black clothes that have no shape you might as well be wearing a garbage bag.  Some people wear black because they're trying to hide, but black isn't the best color for a lot of people because it brings out shadows in the skin, dark circles, wrinkles.

Build your brand.
Post at least once per week, but aim for several times weekly.  In the initial months of your site, it helps if readers have something to look forward to--say, tips on Tuesdays!!!