Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michael KORS handbags. Fashion Model: Elisse Grubb Nielson

PHOTO CREDIT: @Shiggy Ichinomiya  Click on HERE for Shiggy's Website
Fashion Photography.  Model: Elisse Grubb Nielson
(Check back soon. Elisse's website is under construction.)

(Above: BTS = Behind the Scenes. Elisse getting ready for the shoot)

(Above Video: Elisse can be seen in this Rascal Flatt's video entitled "Summer Nights.")

Model: Elisse Grubb Nielson.   Elisse will be starring in a 2 part episode of "Tails of the Frontier" on ASKMILTON.TV, Tino Luciano Directs.

Elisse was soooooo much fun to work with. She has so much energy and incredible unbridled passion, yet can be very still, tranquil and serene.  What elegance. What class. What grace. What a joy and pleasure it was to work with her.  

MORE photos and Behind the Scenes photos of Elisse coming soon.....
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Mounting and attaching the GoPole to the GoPro. Video . Attaching the GoPro to the GoPole.

This morning I wanted to use the GoPole with my GoPro to shoot triathletes at Tower 26 in Santa Monica.  (I purchased the 36 inch long (3 feet) GoPole from Hollywood Divers (Click HERE for Hollywood Divers Website.) near Universal Studios.)  At 5:30 am I was about to leave my house to get to the beach by 6am, however my departure was delayed. Grrrrr!! Instead of winging it the day of, I should have prepared a little earlier, the night of.

I thought it would be very simple to mount and attach to my GoPro so I didn't give it much thought.  I ripped open the GoPole out of the long 36 inch plastic sleeve and then took the "bolt" out of the GoPro plastic mount and inserted it through the holes of the GoPro and GoPole.

Immediately, I thought to myself, "there has got to be a defect.  The bolt isn't long enough for the nut to grip onto.   I tried different configurations and.....nothing.  I even went through my other accessories (bike seat mount etc) and all the bolts were the same size.  WHERE ARE THE NUTS?  The nut that is attached to the supplied GoPro plastic mount "looks" and I quote "looks" like it is glued onto the mount.

Little did I know that if you take some pliers and give it a little yank that the bolt comes off. At 5:45 I finally figured it out.  Inside the black end of the bolt is a slight groove, an indentation, a recessed area if you will. The nut fits tightly into this area and simply requires the bolt to screw into it and away you go!!!

Video below. Mounting and attaching the GoPole to the GoPro.

VIDEO below of Nick Woodman, the Founder and CEO of GoPro  saying GoShiggyGo
(Above: Video of GoPro Founder/CEO saying Go Shiggy Go)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Facebook Profile Pictures taken by ©Shiggy Ichinomiya. GSG. GoShiggyGo.Com

(Above: WOW, wow, WOW!!! Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae chose a photo that I took of her as her Facebook Profile Picture. This photo was taken at the start of the  Kona Ironman World Championship.)

Kona Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae and the handsome (cough cough) photographer--Shiggy Ichinomiya. Click HERE for Shiggy's Photography Website

 (Above: This is the original photo that I took and posted to Mirinda Carfrae's Facebook page.  She then chose it as her profile picture.  The photo was taken on October 8th, 2011 in Kona.  Rinny was getting checked into the Ironman at 5:30am.  Doesn't Rinny look great? At 5:30am?  WOW!!!)

(Above: Video of Rinny saying "GoShiggyGo!!!"

(Above: I shot this photo for my client Kristin Mayer, founder/owner of Betty Designs in Kona, Hawaii.  Kristin is wearing her signature PINK!!!  
Shout out going out to Jim Garfield for all your help....and thank you for holding the strobe!!! )
Check out Kristin's awesome/bold website: Click on HERE for Betty Designs.

(Above: Kristin in Kona with the sea as a backdrop. This photo is used on her website: Check it out at Betty Designs.)

(Above: Thank you Kristin for the photo credit!!)  

(Above: Beth Sanden, Challenge Athlete Foundation (CAF) Mayor!!! Seriously, Beth knows EVERYBODY!!!  This photo was taken at the CAF San Diego Triathlon. Thanks Beth for using my photo on your Fan Page!!!) 

(Above: Actress and Model Elisse Grubb)

(Above:  I love the Facebook comment above by Amy Duhon. "....looks like a Ralph Lauren Commercial."  Wow, thanks for the compliment to both of us!!!)

(Above: Thank you Elisse for the acknowledgement.)

(Above Derek Fromson has multiple photos of himself on his Facebook Cover page.   Derek is seen here getting ready to enter the surf during the Wednesday morning Tower 26 Swim training/practice.  Be Race Ready.)

(Above: Heather Gillespie is so excited to have her photo taken that she jumps high out of the water. This photo was taken at the Culver City Plunge in Culver City, CA.  Heather was raising money by swimming laps for the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge.)

(Above: Dr. Heather Shenkman's photo was taken during the Coast 2 Coast Swim.  This photo, with Heather's permission was used in a text book entitled "Compelling Conversations."  The photo can be found on Chapter 7.) 

(Above: Fitness model Lauren Schrichten during a photo shoot for DeSoto Triathlon Clothing Gear/Oakley Sunglasses.  I shot this photo way up in Malibu!! )

(Above: Alan N. Berro is all smiles in a wetsuit as he completes a circuit at Tower 26 in Santa Monica!! Taken around 7am) 

(Above: Susan Trabue getting ready for the Los Angeles Triathlon. This photo was taken in pitch darkness at around 5:45am.) 

(Above: Newlywed Charrissa's photo taken near Tower 26 in Santa Monica. Charrissa is making friends with the orange buoy.)

(Above: Charrissa Levasseur holding on to the LA County Lifeguard Buoy by Tower 26!! I love her friend's Facebook comment.  "I'm impressed that someone even had the wherewithal to take this photo! Good shot!"  Thank you Katy O'Briant Montoya)

(Above: Roderick Urise Sewell Jr. is pictured with Rudy Garcia-Tolson as they compete with each other at the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF) San Diego Triathlon) 

 (Above: These photos (profile pic and cover pic) were taken of Suzo at Venice Beach.)

(Above: Suzo doing fitness modeling. I love reading the Facebook comments. Fun!!)

(Above: Lisa Kellogg looking amazing in this Profile Picture.)

(Above: Damon Lee used this photo as his Facebook Profile Pic that I took right before he was about to compete in the LA Triathlon. I love Damon's concentration and determination in his face.)  

(Above: Todd Larlee leading the Tower 26 swim.  Todd used one photo for his Facebook  Profile Pic as well as his Facbook Cover Picture.)

(Above: The comments are hilarious. "Is that Jack?")

(Above: This photo was taken with an absolutely stunning sunset. The palm tress, the sign from House of Ink, the various shades of color from purple to orange to yellow makes this such an intriguing "California" Endless Summer photo.) 

(Above: Sean Heirigs, owner/artist/founder of the House of Ink chose to use the photo of his tattoo parlor/shop as his Facebook Profile Pic.  It's one of my favorite photos.) 

(Above: Comedian Nathan Oviedo's photo was taken in Culver City. He wanted a couple of headshots for his up and coming comedy career.) 

(Above: Vanessa's son Austin is getting himself dressed in a tuxedo for Jill and Dan's Wedding.  Austin is very solemn, quiet, pensive as he gets ready for the amazing wedding.  This is one of my favorite photos and will be used, thanks to Vanessa's permission for my upcoming book: Compelling Conversations-Japan.
I submitted this photo (permission granted by Vanessa) to Santa Monica College Photography Show. It was selected by a jury.  Yes, a juried show----meaning, it was selected by 8 judges.  Many photos were eliminated, so it was a privilege to be selected.  Honored and humbled. Thank you. )

(Above: Martha Hunt next to the bright orange Los Angeles County Lifeguard Buoy!! Love her!!!)

(Above: Mary changed her Facebook Profile photo to one that was taken by me at Tower 26.  MMM, the 3M's.  Mimi, Mary and Martha grace the cover of this Facebook Profile Pic!!! It was a great memorable day.  A very relaxing swim in the Pacific Ocean.) 

(Above: Simon Hunter makes a splash exciting the water.  This was taken with an underwater camera.)

(Above: Simon Hunter rounds the orange buoy at Tower 26.  Simon's a great swimmer and he passed by my so fast I almost couldn't snap a photo of him.)

(Above: Susanna "Suzy" Sovek, biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fan holdin' on to the LA County Lifeguard buoy.)

(Above: Lisa Zollner with her besties from the Bachelorette!!)

(Above: Lisa Zollner and  Ann Weisling at the Expo of the Endurance Sports Awards (Endurance Live Awards) in San Diego.) 

(Above: Leopold "Lee" Geans broadcasting live on CRN radio.  Lee used this as his Facebook Profile Pic, the first photo of him while broadcasting live on the radio!!)

(Above: Alison Chavez waving on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.  Alison was competing in the Los Angeles Half 13.1 Marathon.) 

(Above: Fitness Model Karen Chapman.  Karen flew out from New Jersey (now lives in Boston) for a model photo shoot. Look at these incredible colors taken at sunset.  The black cloud above. The sun reflecting an orange hue on the sand below.  And a blue sky sandwiched between the two.  Timing baby. A few moments later, the sun set beyond the horizon and all that was left was darkness.) 

(Above: Facebook gives an 8 photo layout of your friends on your Facebook page. 4 of the 8 photos were taken by lil' o' me!! Sean. Susan. Nadia. Charrissa!)

(Above: Facebook Cover photo of Anneka and Jerry taken for their engagement)

(Above: Gorgeous Rebecca Watts smiling for the camera!!)

(Above: Nadia Ruiz Gonzales, a biology teacher, during a fitness model photo shoot.)

(Above: Nadia Ruiz Gonzales looking sporty-casual during a photo shoot.)

(Above: Photo shoot of Nadia Ruiz Gonzales at Dockweiler Beach with the gorgeous sun setting.)

(Above: Photo shoot of Nadia in a beautiful red dress converted to B&W)

(Above: Photo shoot of Nadia in a beautiful black dress.)

(Above: Michelle Sayre used this photo taken of her as her Facebook Profile Pic.  It was taken at Culver City Plunge.)

(Above: Michelle use this photo as her default Facebook Profile Picture. It's right when she is about to do a flip-turn in the pool. Michelle was swimming laps and raising money at the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge in Culver City.)

(Above: Michelle Sayre wearing all red. This photo was taken at the YEP (Year End Party.) Every year the Los Angeles Triathlon Club celebrates its members by having a social event. Over 200 people attend.)
(Above: Thank you Susie Rankin Miller for using my photo as your Facebook Cover. And thank you for "liking" my Facebook Photography page.---->>>Click HERE for Shiggy's Facebook Photography page )

(Above: Liz Hamm holding smiley-face Skylar. This photo was taken near the Santa Monica Pier. Liz wanted some lovely baby photos!!) 

(Above: Shari & Dustin Sipka with their 3 week young baby Zoey!!! We did a photo shoot at the beach of this amazing happy family. What a joy it was.)

(Above: John Mulcahy is pictured in the cover of his Facebook Page.)

(Above: Janice Loughman, Boston College Alumni, is swimming with the golden sun rising behind her in her Facebook Cover photo!!)

(Above: Janelle Stack is swimming in her Facebook Cover Photo. And boy, is she a great swimmer.)

(Above: My dear and darling, smiley face friend, Alison De Lucca, recently updated her Facebook Cover shot with a photo that she was captured in.)

(Above: Justin Rossi lovin' his Tower 26 profile pic photo!! Hi woof woof!!!)

(Above: Jaime Ronaldo Balboa--while searching for a photo for a calendar on Gerry Rodriguez's Facebook page, I came across my friend-to-be's Facebook Cover photo!!! Yay!!!!)

 (Above: Dee Lamberton waving happily for the camera)

(Above; Susie Rankin Miller swimming around the 1st buoy at Tower 26)

(Above: Anna Wills making the wave look like a pillow---it is around 6:30am after all.)

(Above: Missy "PMA" Shepherd just finishing the LA Triathlon)

(Above: Missy Shepherd with Kona Ironman Champion---Chrissie Wellington)

(Above: I took this photo of Triathlon Lab's front store sign on Pico Blvd.)

(Above: Triathlon Lab sponsored  6 Man Volleyball team photo at Hermosa Beach)

 (Above: Model photo shoot of Ramsey Brown.  So many raw, primal emotions. Roar!!)

(Above: Photo shoot of Ramsey Brown. Don't you loooooove this photo?)

(Above: She wore just a bikini going through TSA at LAX---Corinne Theile, AKA, the "Bikini Girl" poses by a LA County Lifeguard truck.  Photo taken on New Years Day!! We all went swimming with only our bathing suits. NO wetsuits!!! Brrrr!!)

(Above: Liza Velarde striking a pose before the Ocean Speed Circuit swim --Tower 26)

(Above: My amazing roommate at Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2010, amazing swim partner at Tower 26-----this is the gorgeous Liz Bell!!!)

(Above: Not so dull, Tom Dull with Chrissie Wellington. Taken at the expo at the Endurance Sports Awards in San Diego.)
Below: Video of Chrissie Wellington, Ironman Kona World Champion saying GoShiggyGo