Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sexy. Classy. Elegant. LA Boudoir photo shoot of military Army wife (to be) girlfriend. by Shiggy of GoShiggyGo

Graceful, classy, sexy and elegant boudoir photo shoot of a military girlfriend, (Army) possibly a future military-wife-to-be!!! Los Angeles.

I was contacted by my client who wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for her boyfriend who is based far away in another state and  who will be shortly deployed to Afghanistan.  

Client: Name withheld due to privacy reasons.
Photographer: © 
Shiggy Ichinomiya
Website: www.GoShiggyGo.Com
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Professional Hair and Make-Up: Trisha Kwan
Trisha Kwan's Website:   www.BeautyByTK.Com

(Above: I absolutely love the subject's facial expression,
 I love her make-up and love  the way the light ever so gently touches her face. There is a distinctive old school vintage "Hollywood" look and feel to it.)

(Above: Way to support her Army boyfriend by 
wearing a "Proud Army Girlfriend" t-shirt.
Sparkling **twinkling** eyes!! Yay!!)

Below is a sample of my work:
1) Below is another link to a boudoir
photo shoot for a military wife:
Before and After.
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an amazing and professionl hair and make-up artist can make YOU, yes, YOU look glamorous!! Elegant. Timeless. Classy.
Yes, you can.
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2) Below is a link of a boudoir and 
bikini session with Jackie B.

3) Below is a link to boudoir photo shoot of
a gorgeous mother of two:
(Before and after. )

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sheri's Beautiful Maternity Pregnancy Photos by LA based photographer © Shiggy Ichinomiya at GoShiggyGo.Com

Sheri's and Jim's Maternity Photo Shoot and an iPad image of the little Bean himself.  
Including behind the scenes photos.
Gorgeous fashion and glamour pregnancy photos.

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
Website: www.GoShiggyGo.Com
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Sheri wanted a maternity/boudoir photo shoot for her little "Bean." "Bean" was expected to arrive in Santa Monica in middle to late March, however, the Doctor decided to have Sheri induced, so we managed to arrange for a photo shoot at "T minus 5 days!!" 

(Above: Sheri's BIG belly!!
I took this by standing on a ladder with Jim
holding the side for support. Teamwork. Go Team Bean!!)  

 (Above: Jim the hairstylist does a magnificent job of
 coiffing Sheri's do. Fabulous!!!)

(Above: A 'G-rated'  maternity boudoir-style photo.
Note the beautiful swirls and twirls in Sheri's hair.
See below to see who the stylist is.)

    (Above: With comb in hand, Jim makes slight adjustments to Sheri's hair.  First Jim combs Sheri's hair all the way so 
that it's nice and straight.
Then he uses his magical twist-of-the-wrist technique 
to add the swirls!!!)

(Above: Yes, Bean finished his first Ironman. 
Ironman Wisconsin 2012 baby!!!
Sheri looks AMAZING!!)

(Above: Sheri and Bean proudly display their Finisher Medal.


(Above: Paparazzi everywhere!!!! hahaa
The beauty of electronics!!
Sheri and Jim hold up one of the first images of Bean on an iPad.)

(Above: Sheri the fairy!!

Say that ten times!!
I love this whimsical photo of Sheri wrapped in sheer.)

 (Above: Sheri and Jim on a teal-colored lifeguard tower!!
Can you recognize where this photo was taken?)

(Above: We heart Bean.)

(Above: I just love the light wrapping around Sheri's hair and how 
the golden light ever so gently skims Jim's face.) 

(Above: I think that THIS is one of my favorite photos 
from the entire photo shoot.
Can you guess why?
Hint. It's all about Sheri's eyes and mouth.
You can't write that. You can't script that.
It's so natural and unposed. So wonderfully organic!!
Jim's facial expression nails it too.
Does he look cool? No. But THAT is what makes
this photo one of my favorites.
Had Jim clenched his jaw and been all tough and masculine
it would have ruined the shot. His concentration to
gently touch Sheri's belly shows tenderness, compassion, 
heart, concern, tranquility and love.)

(Above: Jim totally "photo bombed" this photo of Sheri 
who was supposed to be photographed alone.
Love Jim's spontaneity and playfulness.
You should have seen Sheri laughing afterwards!! Epic!)

(Above: Is this an ad for Vogue Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine,
Fit Pregnancy Magazine or what?
Classic black and white. Elegant beauty. Simple. Refined. Stunning.
The photo shoot almost turned out to be like a fashion/glamour photo shoot.
Looks like it could have been shot on the Cape.)

(Above: I think that THIS is one of my favorite photos of Sheri.
Look at how gorgeous her long neck is!!
The pose and shape and the silhouette of her body and the
way this photo was post-processed and edited makes it absolutely timeless.  Great work Sheri.)

 (Above: Close-ups are great, however, sometimes stepping back, way, way back can add some quietness, reflection, calmness, grace and tranquility to a photograph.)

(Above: Jim kisses.
Sheri smiles.
Belly full!!!) 

(Above: I took several shots of the above pose with Sheri and Jim as a completely dark silhouette.

However, I decided to pop my external flash in order to light up Jim's face thereby enabling us to see his facial expression.

Jim's facial expression conveys it all.
Happiness. Joy. Warmth.)

(Above: The sun was setting quickly, so we had to work quickly.
After nailing the close-up of Sheri and Jim,
I ran back far enough to capture the sun going down, Jim kneeling and listening to the sounds of baby Bean and Sheri looking on at Jim in a motherly-to-be manner.
A simple, crisp, and magical photo. 
Timeless. Elegant. Legacy. Love.)

(Above: The End.
On the contrary. THIS is the START of a brand new 
and exciting journey.
I'm so excited and happy for Sheri and Jim and little Bean.)


Shiggy Ichinomiya is a Los Angeles based Photographer specializing in advertising and commercial work, including wedding, engagement, maternity, boudoir, family, executive portraiture, sports, editorial actor's headshots, celebrity portraits, event and corporate photography. 

Image is everything.

Image is very important. 

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