Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Venice Beach Muscle Beach Memorial Day Joe Wheatley Flyover

Muscle Beach Bikini and Body Building Memorial Day Competition 2012

(Above: My Youtube video of Muscle Beach Bikini & Body Building competitors listening to the Star Spangled Banner and a flyover by a massive plane. Taken with iPhone)

(Above: My YouTube Video of contestants listening to the Star Spangled Banner and the thunderous roar of a plane doing a flyby.  Taken with waterproof lo-megapixel camera.)

At approximately 12:58pm the Star Spangled Banner started to play and just as the song was ending, this massive plane with its thunderous engine noise began to get closer.  The flyover was amazing, powerful, beautiful and magical.  The plane did a graceful turn right overhead, and descended lower,  flying over Venice Beach, just skimming the beautiful palm trees.