Sunday, June 24, 2012

Published!!! My photo in a print ad for Tribe Magazine for Mount Sinai

Wow, wow, wow. Published!!! Very exciting to see my photo run as a print ad in Tribe Magazine for my client,  Mount Sinai. (Another photo, from a different angle was published in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago.)  I'm thankful and grateful for having the pleasure to work with all involved in this photo shoot. Thank you Jena T. for procuring this magazine for me. Again, to all those involved, thank you.

...and here is the print ad below...June/July 2012 issue of Tribe Magazine. page 9.

Below is the cover of Tribe Magazine where my photo can be found on page 9. 
(cover photo by Joshua Plotke)

Please contact Shiggy.  Editorial, commercial, event,

 red-carpet, corporate, headshot/portrait photographer.

Your "GO" to-photographer. 

"Go Shiggy Go" 

Photography with heart!!!