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Tower 26
Every Wednesday
6:00 am Sharp like Cheddar!!
Session #5
June 12, 2013
"Be Race Ready."
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GSG Swimming Goggles Project.

A Quick Run to Warm Up the Body

(Above: Navy Seal? 10 pack?)
(Above: Toys left on the beach project by Tower 26.)

(Above: Meet David Lee. He likes taking long walks in the park,
and loves putting on deodorant before going for a swim,
so that he can smell good for the fishies.
Plenty of fish in the ocean as they say.)

 (Above: The water was so clear that you could see little tiny crabs.)

 (Above: Bodie, where's the beach? Look at the guns on you.) 

(Above: My home boy John dropping some gang signs!!)

 (Above: I love the invisible motorcycle that you are riding.)

 (Above: Jump!!! Spiders!!) 

(Above: Now you see me...... )
( you don't...) 
(Above: Just kidding. Here I am!!!)

 (Above: ...Face plant. Belly flop. By Jennifer T.)

 (Above: Y'up. Mother and son. How COOL is that!!)
 (Above: Ironman Coeur d'Alene is just around the corner!!!)

 (Above: Wetsuit rash!!!! Chaffing.
What product do you recommend to prevent this?)

 (Above: Lisa Dordick proudly wears a Timex watch with 
the LATC logo on it!!)

 (Above: Lisa and Jeff doing some yoga!!) 

 (Above: I wonder what made David Lee laugh so hard!!)
 (Above: Someone in this photo did a face plant earlier.
 I won't tell you who. heheee!)

(Above: Jen your abs are ridic!!)

 (Above: THE CAROL proudly shows off her
 Ocean 101 Swim Cap
led by Tim Bomba.)

 (Above: The orange buoy being dragged up the
beach, back to the car.) 

 (Above: Someone is graduating from UCLA this Sunday!!)

(Above: Saying "g'day" to Craig "Crowie" Alexander)
(Above: Mirinda "Rinny"Carfrae)

(Below: Video of Rinny saying....)
(Above: Video of Rinny saying......)

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Session #5 (6/12/13) You're reading it meow!!!

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