Saturday, July 14, 2012

Venice Beach Biennial. Venice Carnival. Hammer Museum. Easter Island. Moai.

Venice Beach Biennial Weekend July 13-15th, 2012
iPhone photos and my YouTube Video below.
Over 87 artists featured with installations. 
It's free. Come one-come all y'all.
 (Near 19th Avenue/Boardwalk. Venice 90291. Close to Windward.)
UCLA's Hammer Museum is a huge sponsor.
Venice Carnival--Windward Circle by Post Office

Come to Venice Beach and bring your whole family, come by yourself, or bring a date!!!
Only 8 weekends left of Summer, so do something "different."

It isn't really the "biennial," of Venice. Every two years in Venice, ITALY they have one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world, entitled....... "Venice Biennale."  Funky and crazy Venice, California on the other hand, tongue-in check, rips off the title of the show and makes it, its own!!!!

Venice Beach is having art installations and art objects placed around Windward Circle (19th Street/Boardwalk.)   

(Video below of Venice Beach "Easter Island" statues AKA "Moai" statues and the Venice Skateboard Park in the background.)

(Above: Video of "Easter Island" Statues, aka, "moai' statues.)

(Don't blink for the camera. I'm touching one of the statues! Easter Island in Venice Beach baby.  As an aside, it is ILLEGAL for tourists to touch the "moai" statues on Easter Island. Easter Island is only 61 square miles and is off the coast of Chile)

 (There you go. Eyes Wide Open!!!  The famous steel sculpture in the background.
The "moai" Easter Island statues can be up to 80 tons in weight.)

(Above: I went to Barnes and Nobles after visiting Venice and the "moai" statues and by total coincidence, the cover of "National Geographic" and the feature story was about the "riddle of the moving statues on "Easter Island." Strange? Coincidence? All happened on the start of the Venice Beach Biennial which started on Friday the 13th!!! Spooky!!!)

 (An artist is in the process of making an amazing piece of art using sawdust. Y'up, sawdust that has been dyed with acrylic.
Note: The pink VBB (Venice Beach Biennial balloon.)

 (Above: Ooga Booga. Not quite sure what is going on here.)

 (Above: Some roller skating purple thing on roller skates taking a breather on the yellow sofa)
 (Yes, that could be YOU sitting next to me.  The sofa is made out of some solid material, not a traditional "soft" sofa as imagined. Aluminum? Steel? Knock on it and it makes a clanking sound.)

 (Above: Notice anything? Two bike frames? Three tires? Yes, the front two forks share the same front wheel. Plus, there are no pedals? Or brakes? Or seats? Or aero bars?)

 (Above: a closer look at the front two forks of the two bicycles that shares the front tire?

 (Above: Near Windward Circle you'll see about 15-20 stickers on the ground. Each one has a different "thought-provoking" comment. And yes, "When was the last time YOU laughed?")

 (Above: The Carnival is here. The Venice Carnivale is here!! This is the famous "Venice/Hollywood-like" sign by Windward and Pacific Avenue.)

 (Below: So what's coming up next in Venice?)

(Above: Come on down on Sunday August 5th and you'll see the Festival of the Chariots.  You'll see these GIANT chariots with wheels over 6 feet tall.  Hare Krishna's throw orange/gold/yellow marigold flowers to the crowds below. It's a happy and peaceful event. And colorful too.)

Stay tuned for the "Topless Day" in Venice.