Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My photos on a print ad: Nifty After Fifty®

How exciting!!! My photos are on a print ad for 
a customized fitness and physical therapy company, "Nifty after Fifty®" 

Nifty after Fifty's Website: Click on HERE for Nifty after Fifty's website

Big Shout-Out going out to the BEST assistant/photographer ever. Lisette Kennedy.
Thank you so much for your creativity, help, assistance, input, and willingness to work with a huge smile on your face. 

(low resolution scan)

LA Triathlon Photos. Race Results. GoShiggyGo.Com

Los Angeles Triathlon 9/30/12
Photo Credit: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya  GoShiggyGo.Com

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People have been asking to purchase digital downloads of the LA Triathlon,  so I included a link below:
Click on HERE to purchase digital downloads of the LA Triathlon

Super mega shout out going out to Lloyd Taylor for all his help: Click HERE for Triathlon Lab

(Above: Taking a photo of my friend Jim Garfield when two girls wearing bikinis, rather, Sportkini®,  get in the way;)

(Above: Two triathletes, Katie Hogan and Bonnie Weinberger, wearing Sportkini® sport bikinis!!
Wanna be a Sportkini® sponsored athlete?
Check out their cool website--->> Click on HERE for Sportkini.Com's Website )

(Above: Beautiful moonlight on the Pacific Ocean.)

(Above: Jim Garfield making his way into the transition area.)

(Above: Damon Lee chats with a friend.)

(Above: Sherry helping Hunter Kemper)

(Above: Jim Garfield ready for his model photo shoot---at 5:30am!!! Always lookin' good!!)

(Above: I love how David Lee is saying "GoShiggyGo."



(Above: Sportkini being interviewed by KTLA Channel 5.
Check out their website--->>Click on HERE for Sportkini.Com's website

(Above: Only in Southern California.  A surfer with his surfboard looks on as a pro female triathlete clips into her pedals.)

(Above: David Lee cranking on the bikes.)

(Above: David Lee 'hammering it" on the bikes on his way to a podium finish.)

(Above: Wiping away a tear. Tech support has arrived!!)

(Above: Hunter Kemper getting ready.)

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