Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chris "Macca" McCormack. Athlete Portrait Photo Shoot by Shiggy

I was thrilled and excited to be asked by Triathlon Lab to do an athlete portrait photo shoot of triathlon's greatest triathletes---Chris "Macca" McCormack.  Macca was the 2007 and 2010 Kona Ironman World Champion and is one of triathlon's fiercest competitors.  Hailing from Australia, he's also one of THE nicest athletes who loves chatting with the fans and signing books and cereal boxes. (Macca is the only non-US Citizen to ever grace the cover of Wheaties Cereal Box.) 
Chris "Macca" McCormack sponsored by Triathlon Lab

 Macca wearing Tri Lab's uniform.

 Lovin' the socks!! Macca looks like a Super Hero. Super Hero Pose!!

 Macca's trademark smile. 

 Macca looking at his Specialized brand, aero-helmet. 

Go to Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach or Santa Monica to purchase a Tri Lab T-shirt OR
 The amazing Tri Lab staff, Macca and of course "BO" the doggie.

 Missy Shepherd (PMA) with Macca

 (4iiii "See What Matters," checking out what Macca has to say. Click here for 4iiii's Heads Up Display)

 (A crowd is gathered to listen to Macca)

 Lea Crosetti (click here for Lea's Twitter-Food Coach for YOU ) with Macca. Macca signed a copy of his book "I'm here to win." Click here

 (Christine Kwok introducing Macca to a large crowd. Check out Christine's awesome website: Click here for Balanced Strength website)

(Monica Hirschberger getting Macca's book signed.)

(A big shout-out going out to Martin Gaiss who sat in as a body-double for Macca as I got the lights, strobes and backdrop ready. Thank you Martin.)

Below are some "behind the scenes" pictures of Macca's photo shoot. Thanks Jim Garfield and Triathlon Lab's CEO Lloyd Taylor for taking photos of me during the photo shoot!!! 
  (left) Triathlon Lab's CEO Lloyd Taylor, Macca, Shiggy (photographer)
(Above photo courtesy of Jim Garfield.)
 (Photo credit: Triathlon Lab)

 (Photo credit: Triathlon Lab)

  (Photo credit: Triathlon Lab)

 (Photo credit: Triathlon Lab)

(Video above of Macca saying some awesome words!!!)

(Video above I took of Macca in 2010. Here he gives advice (to Robert Pagan) on doing YOUR 1st Ironman. "Embrace the suck.")

(Video above of Macca describing the nail biting last 3 miles and very close finish of Kona Ironman 2010.  Bob Babbitt (Competitor Magazine founder)  and Simon Gowen (Simon Gowen Radio Show and Coach) are the moderators)

(Video above of one of THE closest Ironman finishes.  Macca beating Andreas Raelert. Wow!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Newborn baby pictures!!! Babies and bellies photographs

 I was honored to photograph lil' baby Lamont Jr. with his lovely mummy and daddy. Here is Lamont Jr. at 5 1/2 weeks young.

(Hmmm, what's for lunch?)

(Family is best)

(a little giggling) 

(Dad saying "I'll take care of you.")

(High five mum!!)
 (twinkle toes)
 (Mom, pinkie promise. Do you promise to wuv me forever and ever?)
(I love this photo. Though the baby is crying, Lamont Sr. hands are so gentle and kind)

 (Nightie night)