Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grand Marshal Alison Chavez's Underpants Run in Lake Tahoe 9/21/13 GoShiggyGo.Com Underwear Run Ironman

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Photos & Video: Shiggy "GoShiggyGo" Ichinomiya

Grand Marshal of the Underpants Run: Alison Chavez
Weather condition: RAIN
Date: 9/21/13
Time: 2:00pm Sharp. Like. Cheddar


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(Click Above: VIDEO--->>  Underpants Run part 2 of 2)
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(Above: Loud & Proud.  Pink Power!!)

 (Above: Who do we love? ALISONWONDERLAND)

 (Above: Raindrops on the camera lens!)
 (Above: Foggy lens!!)

 (Above: Legend has it that there is a ghost around......)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Photographer:  Shiggy: Click on HERE www.GoShiggyGo.Com
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6:15am Sharp. Like. Nails.
Tower 26 Website: Click on HERE for T26 Website

Session #19
(What's coming up? Sunday--->> Ironman Lake Tahoe,
LA Triathlon, Day at the Beach)
Yes, prints, framed and "ready-to-hang prints" are available as 
lasting memories and momentos for your wall.
They also make great gifts.
Show your office staff, family and relatives what you do at 6:15 on Wednesday mornings. 
Please contact:

Coach Gerry's Main Speech Take-Aways.
1) The 3 Second Rule
In a nutshell, the "3 Second Rule" is to NOT allow a negative thought to occupy your thoughts for any longer than 3 seconds.
For once it does, THE  "wolf" has got you.
And it will grow bigger and bigger and will

essentially EAT YOU up ALIVE from the inside.
The 3 seconds will become 5 seconds will become 15 seconds will become 30 seconds and then the "negative" thought will have a deathly grip over you.
Thoughts eventually snowball into.....a long, long day of racing.
The mind can think of only ONE thing at a time.
Not two things.
So after 2 seconds, (before reaching 3 seconds)  of

 negative self-talk, switch
your mind to positive self-talk and your attitude
and out-look and future will change.

2) The Do NOT DNF Rule (did not finish---a race.)
Many people start races and for whatever reason they 

give up. In other words they "Did Not Finish."
Of course in some races you must heed the body's "legitimate" ailments and avoid injuring yourself, however, many athletes DNF because they don't want to come in fourth or fifth in a race. Or the race is too hard. Or excuse, excuse, excuse.  And Coach Gerry says that once you DNF in one race, you'll do it again in another race, and then again in another race. And after three times, it becomes a habit.

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