Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What is Daniel Maguire, of "The Bachelor in Paradise," Favorite Word? And Why? WHY NOT? #whynot
Who is Daniel Maguire?
Daniel hails from Canada and presently resides in Los Angeles. He's an actor and a personal trainer.

I asked Daniel what his favorite "word" is and "why."

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Daniel's favorite word(s) is/are:
"Why not?"

I love that!!! 
In the video he gives some example sentences:
Why not go to the beach?
Why not go to the gym?

BELOW are some EXAMPLES I found on the net with 
the words "WHY NOT" in them.

 "Why NOT go out on a limb?
That's where the fruit it."
Mark Twain
 "Do not look back and ask why,
Look forward and ask, WHY NOT?"
Herbert L Beckery

"For true success ask yourself
these FOUR questions:
WHY NOT now?"
James Allen

 "You see things and say, WHY?
But I dream things that never were and say,
George Bernard Shaw

  "Some men see things as they are and say WHY.
I dream things that never were and say,
why not?"
Robert Kennedy

"Don't ask "why," ask instead, "WHY NOT."
John F. Kennedy

 "WHY NOT you?
Why not you do something for work that
you LOVE.
Why not you to have a healthy body?
Why not you to have healthy love?
Why not you to be, have or do anything you 
have ever dreamed? we are so quick to think
others are deserving over ourselves. The TRUTH is that we are all deserving. So
Jillian Michaels

A link to Daniel Maguire's Instagram:  http://www.Instagram.Com/DanielSeanMaguire

 "Why NOT" is a slogan
for an INTERESTING life."
Mason Cooley

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Why not? heheee

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