Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PetSmart TV Commercial with Indy the pit bull therapy dog. Scroll down for 30 sec video.

Way back in February 2011 my wonderful friend Rebecca was contacted by her friend Elaine who wanted to know if Indy wanted to audition for a PetSmart TV commercial. They were looking for a pit bull. Indy was an animal assisted therapy dog through Love on 4 Paws and she passed her tests for Delta Society. She was THE most loving dog, that happened to have the face and shape of a pit bull. I guess this is how I learned not to judge a book.....

We visited kids leaving this world because of cancer in PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) at CHLA-Children's Hospital Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd., we said "hi" to the children with horrible burns or getting new prosthetics for missing limbs at Shriner's Childrens' Hospital. We visited  pregnant mums-to-be (my sister he hee) at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. We started out on our five year journey at Hollywood Presybetarian Hospital.  We visited amazing kids who could only feel Indy and hear her at Florence Blend School for the visually impaired. Despite being blind, the kids would hold onto Indy's leash and walk her. They loved walking her. And Indy would never pull. She knew what to do. She was always very gentle. We visited at Kaiser Permanente and yes...Promises in Malibu.  We went to different events at the OC Fair, the Special Olympics and even to Gold's Gym to have challenged kiddos play with dogs!!! Very neat stuff.

During the audition they asked me some questions and then they asked if Indy could roll over onto her back and have her tummy rubbed. On queue, bam, as the assistant approached Indy, she gets on her back for a belly rub!!!

The commercial was for PetSmart Charities that promotes the ADOPTION of dogs an cats from animal shelters. Would Indy do the commercial? YES YES YES. Indy, of course she said "yes."  (I think she learned the fist-pump/paw-pump "yes" from me. He hee!!) I found Indy at an animal shelter (or we found each other) when I happened to go to Los Angeles Animal Shelter on Bundy. I adopted her immediately the day after Independence Day, 2002.  She got her name because 1) she was 'rescued' the day after INDYpendence day. 2) She got her INDYpendence from the pound. 3) It's first come, first serve at the shelter, so I was rushing like an Indy race car driver to get her. Plus, I like names of dogs that end in "eee." Like Indy.  Or Cali. Or Shiggy!!!!

Indy was really lucky to get picked for the commercial and believe it or not, they asked me to be in it to.  They asked me to do a "fitting." I did a fitting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey and the TV commercial was shot in the Valley a couple of days later. We also had our own trailer. Fancy, huh? 
I'm sooooooooo happy to get this video. It brought back a flood of good memories as well as a flood of tears. As many of you know, Indy suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from a ruptured spleen caused by a very aggressive form of cancer on May 6th, 2011.  RIP my little girl. Your memory remains, with the addition of tons of photos and now this amazing video, forever. Thanks Rebecca and Elaine. Thanks PetSmart for the opportunity to promote the love pit bulls have. Thank you Indy for helping all the kids, families, patients and me, your buddy!!! Give your dog(s) or cat(s) a biiiiiiiig juicy hug. Whisper in their ears that you love 'em. Take more photos and videos.

Click here to read about Indy and me on the PetSmart Charities page. Thanks a bunch.