Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rocket Science Sports, Kim Kilgroe, Shiggy ICHINOMIYA, GoShiggyGo, Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot, Produced by Triathlon Lab, Lloyd Taylor, Model Kim Kilgroe, Angel King, AK47 Productions, GSGPICS

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya of GoShiggyGo.Com

Client: Rocket Science Sports

Thank you Marcin Sochacki, CEO of Rocket Science Sports.
And special thanks to Vivian Wang, Sales & Marketing Mgr.

Kim is a professional model and recently graced the April 2013 cover of Triathlete Magazine.
Kim Kilgroe is also a comptetive triathlete.
Just a couple of days after the photo shoot wrapped,
Kim flew to London, England to compete in the ITUs.

Produced by: Lloyd Taylor of Triathlon Lab
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Thank you Lloyd and Triathlon Lab.

Behind the scenes photo shoot for Rocket Science Sports.
August 28th, 2013
Locations: Redondo Beach & Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Photos can be found on SWIM SWAM. Com
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Yay, I'm so excited!!!

Rocket Science Sports designs and sells a complete line of triathlon sporting wear and multi-sport accessories. The company’s products are based upon detailed scientific research and the application of engineering concepts. Products are specifically designed to maximize aero and hydro dynamics, durability, efficiency, and of course, style.

Here Are Some

(Photos below by:
Triathlon Lab, Lloyd Taylor,
Angel King, Kim Kilgroe, Olga Vidales)

(Above: Kim being "reflected and lit up" by Vivian.)

              (Above: Thanks for the shout out Triathlon Lab.)
(Above: Screen shot from Triathlon Lab's Facebook Page.

(Above: Triathlon Lab on Instagram)

(Above: I'm reminded of Paulina Porizkova)

 (Above: Kim on deck of "Oaky's" yacht in Redondo Beach.)

(Above: Please follow Triathlon Lab on Instagram.)

(Above: Below deck getting my Aqua Tech®
underwater housing assembled.)

(Above: Screen shot of Kim wearing
a Rocket Science "flaming pink" rash guard.)

(Above: That's right. It truly is a collaboration as Kim posted.)

(Above: Wow, 340 "likes!!")
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(Above: On the yacht with Lloyd, "Oaky," Kim and Angel.
Vivian and Marcin are behind me.
Thank you Oaky for allowing us to be guests on your boat.)

(Above: With my Aqua Tech®  underwater housing
for my Canon 5D Mark III.
Fully submersible, waterproof, underwater camera.
 Ideal for taking photographs of models in swimming pools,
the ocean, rivers, and lakes.
Let me know if you or your client wants to do an
underwater photo shoot.
I have the top of the line gear.)

(Above: Olga, hair & make-up artist getting model Kim ready.)

(Above: Olga captures the pure hunger and raw energy that I wanted model Kim to create.  Arrrrrrrgh!!! Roar!!!
Kim nailed it!!
Kim looks on and laughs!!! What's this crazy photographer doing?)

(Above: Amazing light!) 

(Above: I love how the chequered floor
is refelcted in Angel's sunglasses.

That same pattern is in Tri Lab's logo on the hat!!)

(Above: It's me, it's me!!
Angel King in a print ad for 2XU.
Photo taken through a spoke of a wheel!!)

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(Above: Olga Vidales hair & make-up artist
with Angel King.)
Angel's wearing Rocket Science's  BPM suit.)

(Above: Angel running on the Palos Verdes bluffs with
Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice in the background.)

(Above: Olga doing some light touches to Angel's make-up.)

(Above: Many people are involved in making this amazing photo shoot happen. Even the CEO of Rocket Science Sports
was hands on by helping with the reflector. Thank you.)


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