Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Engagement Photography. Anneka & Jerry

I was so lucky and blessed to be asked to photograph an engagement session for Anneka and Jerry.  The day was absolutely perfect.  What an amazing couple!!!!  A few days before the shoot, I suggested to Anneka and Jerry to check out some engagement photographs online and see what kind of photos are out there.  It mentally prepares the person for what can be created and what possibilities exist.

That is the beauty of doing some prep work and some research prior to a photo session. It allows the person to say "hmmm, I might try that look." Or "wow, if THAT guy/gal can do it, I too can shape my body by moving this way or that in order to make myself more flattering." Or "why not try that shirt on" or "why not wear these pants" to really make me and "us" shine.

I absolutely loved working with Anneka and Jerry and to tell the truth, it really wasn't much work.  It was more like "play."  As the sun was setting, it was getting colder and so was the water temperature. Despite this, Anneka and Jerry were absolute troopers and continued to go further and further into the water. First they got their feet wet, and by the end of the shoot they were both in, just above the knees.  

The only coaching I gave was, "the more awkward and uncomfortable the pose, the better the photograph will look." I think it's an old adage said to professional models. Yet, it works!!! What a delight!! What joy!! What fun!!! What an amazing and exciting journey lies ahead!!!

(Above: Note the fins in Jerry's left hand that he uses when he bodysurfs.)

     (Above: Dreamy)

(Simple. Classy. Elegant. Sophisticated. Heirloom) 

(Above: A shot like this can be found in Bride Magazine. Elegant. Classy. Love)

(Above: Straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial!!!)

(Above: California sunset baby)

(Above: I love the timelessness of this shot.)