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Audra & Michael's New Year's Eve Wedding. Shutters On The Beach, Santa Monica. Los Angeles Wedding Photographer. Videographer. Cinematographer GoShiggyGo Shiggy Off The Charts Events hora

{Audra & Michael's New Year's Eve Wedding}
Photographer and Videographer:
 Shiggy Ichinomiya of

Shiggy's Awesome Assistant: George Thomas Mansel
Shiggy's Amazing Assistant and dress fluffer: Sophie Lee

(Please check back here soon for
Audra & Michael's Wedding Video.
We are in the process of editing, color-grading,
post-processing and syncing audio.)

December 31st, 2014
Shutter's on the Beach
Santa Monica, California

Event Planning for Audra & Michael's Wedding:
 Care of the talented 
Nancy Radin of Off The Charts Events

Officiant: Rabbi Morley Feinstein

Live guitar music: Brandt Jacobus
Please "like" Brandt Jacobus Music

Audra Lynn Lalley
Michael Lawrence Mallow

"Sun, sun, sun here it comes."
~George Harrison~
(Above: Audra's beautiful, elegant and timeless
Wedding Dress
 by Vera Wang: )

 (Above: Southern California style Wedding with 
Blue Skies and Palm Trees.)

 (Above: A bit of bubbly. Yes, please!!)

 (Above: Postcard view from Shutter's Hotel.
Santa Monica Mountains in the background and the  world famous
Santa Monica Pier and Ferris Wheel in the foreground.)

 (Above: Audra's engagement ring.  
A bit of Batman action going on with the shadows heheee!!)

 (Above: Sparkly earrings!! 
BLING BLING BLING my eyes RING!!! Gorgeous!!)
 (Above: Candid photo of Audra
and her Wedding Dress.)

 (Above: Veuve Clicquot anyone?
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin is a French champagne house based in Reims, specializing in premium products. Founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot-Muiron, Veuve Clicquot played an important role in establishing champagne as a favored drink of haute bourgeoisie and nobility throughout Europe. from Wikipedia
(Above: A beautiful day to have a wedding.)

(Above: The bride's red rose bouquet.)

(Above: The paparazzi taking photographs of 
the twinkle, twinkle star.)
(Above: Audra's hair and make-up artist
and friend, applying the finishing touches.)

(Above: WHAT an elegant wedding dress.)
(Above: The Bride wore Brian Atwood's.)
A Brian Atwood quote;
"Woman who can run in heels,
should be feared." hahaaaa

(Above: Putting on the veil.)

The BIG Reveal.
AKA The First Look.
The Groom's "first" time
seeing his Bride in her
Wedding dress. 

(Above: Michael can't wait to turn around!!!
The anticipation is building. BIG time.)

(Above: Audra smiles and looks down and sees Michael
in his very dapper and traditional tuxedo.)

 (Above: Michael.....slowly......turning......around!!)

 (Above: Michael's jaw, literally drops as he is
struck with awe and wonderment  when he sees Audra
 wearing her stunning White Wedding Dress.)
 (Above: Audra doesn't say anything.
Her expression says it all.)

(Above: Michael is momentarily at a loss for words.)

 (Above: Beautiful Audra with happy tears twinkling in her eyes.)
 (Above: Hand signals.

(Above: Audra's happy that Michael is happy.)

Eye contact.
Heart contact.

 (Above: Kisses!!)
 (Above: Change the camera angle 
a little... and...voila....the moon!!)

 (Above: The rusty brick and exterior facade of this building
has an almost New England/ New York look to it.)

 (Above: While walking on the beach and bike path of Santa Monica, Audra and Michael got many inquisitive looks and many congratulatory well wishes from random strangers.)

(Above: Palm trees and the beginning of the 4:54pm sunset.)

(Above: I love how tenderly and gently Michael helps Audra with her veil so that she doesn't trip and fall.)

 (Above: Audra and Michael are looking up.
Why? Check out the photo below.)
 (Above: A little kiddo on her father's shoulders waves and
says congratulations to Audra and Michael. Awwwwww)

(Above: Shutters on the Beach in the background.)

 (Above:  Abbey Road, Santa Monica."Sun, sun, sun, here it comes." The Beatles)
 (Above:  Walking on the sand.)
How are you?

(Above: Some bonus photographs.
George, my wonderful assistant was recording video,
I decided to hang back and take some stills of the couple walking.
I'm glad I did.
Lovin' these dramatic colors!!)

 (Above: Goodness, gracious.......)
 (Above: Great balls of FIRE!!!!)
 (Above: I wanted to try a different angle and approach
to how I usually shoot.  Happy that I tried something new!!
The "couple" on the far left,  as the 'subject' of the photograph, 
"coupled" (heheee) with the world famous Santa Monica Pier and 
Ferris Wheel, also the 'subject' of many a photograph 
on the far right.)

 (Above: Smiles for miles.)

I loooooove the following set of photographs below.
Why? Because the couple were totally "in the moment."
I was looking down at my camera and changing camera settings, when all of a sudden, Michael, 
to my absolute and total surprise, picked up Audra.
Quick, quick, focus and shoot. 
I saw the sun gently caress its final orange flavored glow
onto Audra's veil, and I quickly focused my camera and
snapped away while Michael and Audra were 
in their happy and loving  moment.

Moments like these are unscripted, fleeting and hard
to re-do with their original magic.
I'm soooo grateful that I was able to 
capture these "moments" as they were happening.
Boy, you've gotta be quick and "on it"
or these moments are gone......forever.
And now they are captured....forever.

(Above: Michael sweeping Audra off her feet.)

(Above: Topped off with a gentle kiss.
Well done Michael.)
(Above: I couldn' t just keep shooting away from one position, because I would have ended up with only one result.
Instead, I went for different angles. I slowly moved around the couple to get different variations
, all the while being acutely aware that the sun would hit the lens directly and white out
the photo. I needed Michael and Audra to block the sun for me without telling them thereby ruining and disrupting their special "moment."

 Stealthy moves and a tricky balance. 
But looks amazing when done right.
AND in addition I was trying to keep in mind that I wanted the Santa Monica Pier in the background for context and to establish the shot.
Photography isn't just click, click, click.
You've gotta have peripheral vision and a sixth sense
and be attune to emotions, slight body movement and 
of course the silent language. "What is invisible to the naked eye"
as discovered in tome,  The Little Prince.

(Above: Lifeguard Tower on the left.
Southern California style palm trees on the right.
The sun setting in the background.
And the beautiful couple in the middle and foreground.)

(Above: As a photographer, you have to have some degree of leadership and ability to get people to look at you.
Making funny faces help!! hehee!! 
Here are 16 people with 32 eyes all looking directly into the lens 
of the camera. It's the photographer's
responsibility to make this happen.
Wedding photography isn't for the timid or wall flowers.
To get this shot, I jumped onto the ledge of a brick wall.
By everyone looking straight up, it elongates their necks,
ie gets rid of double chins (what double chins-hehee) and gives sharp chiseled jawlines and it causes the eyes to get
wider ie doe-like and more youthful...... and people tend
to look happier, joyful and vibrant.
All without saying making anyone say "cheese.")

Bridal canopy

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony takes place under a Chuppah or wedding canopy, symbolizing the new home being built by the couple when they become husband and wife. From Wikipedia

(Above: If the Wedding was held the day before,
we would have had a grey, drab and dismal background.
Today, on the Wedding day, we were so lucky to have such a magical and beautiful sunset.)

(Above: I love how the couple are laughing!!)

 Shutters on the Beach.
Santa Monica, California

Independently owned and operated by the Beverly Hills-based Edward Thomas Collection of Hotels (ETC Hotels), who also own Casa del Mar next door, Shutters on the Beach is a luxury hotel located on the beach in Santa Monica in Southern California.[1]
A member of The Leading Hotels of the World,[2] Shutters on the Beach offers two restaurants: One Pico and Coast Beach Café and Bar. One Pico, Shutters’ signature restaurant, was designed and renovated by Michael S. Smith in the spring of 2008[1] and boasts a Wine Spectator award-winning[3] wine list. Coast Beach Café & Bar opened its doors in the summer of 2007 and was designed by Jim Gillam.[4]The property on which Shutters sits, and where the old Edgewater club of the 1920s once stood,[5] was abandoned and foreclosed when ETC purchased it in 1991.[6] Shutters on the Beach opened its doors on June 8, 1993.[4]Shutters on the Beach houses 186 guest rooms and 12 suites.[4]
 (Above: Gorgeous and romantic,
night-time exterior view of Shutters on the Beach.)

The signing of the Ketubah
(marriage contract)

Signing of the marriage contract

Before the wedding ceremony, the groom (chatan) agrees to be bound by the terms of the ketubah, or marriage contract, in the presence of two witnesses, whereupon the witnesses sign the ketubah.[4] The ketubah details the obligations of the groom to the bride, among which are food, clothing, and marital relations. This document has the standing of a legally binding agreement. It is often written as an illuminated manuscript that is framed and displayed in their home.[5] Under the chuppah, it is traditional to read the signed ketubah aloud, usually in the Aramaic original, but sometimes in translation. Traditionally, this is done to separate the two basic parts of the wedding.[6] Secular couples may opt for a shortened version to be read out.  From Wikipedia

 (Above: Rabbi Feinstein perusing the Ketubah.)

(Above: Audra and Michael with the Rabbi and four witnesses.)
Location: On the third floor
of Shutters on the Beach.
The sun has set and in the distance is the ocean.
The night before was Windy
with a capital "W."
Tonight was a tad cold for
California standards, but compared
to New York and the East Coast
where guests flew in from, the weather
was simply perfect. 

(Above: Michael's mother, Susan Mallow on the left
and daughter Marissa Mallow on the right.)

(Above: The beautiful daughter and handsome father
walk down the aisle.)
(Above: Off-white rose petals adorn the aisle.)
 (Above: The guests all stand in unison as the Bride and her father walk down the aisle.)

 (Above: Photo taken directly in front of the bride and groom.)
 (Above: Photo taken in front of the bride but behind the groom.)
 (Above: Photo taken directly behind the bride
with focus on the groom.)

 (Above: I try not to get  myopic when I take photographs.
I constantly look out towards the guests to see if I can capture any
"special moments"
Here, Mrs. Mallow is comforted by her daughter.
Mrs. Mallow's wonderful husband passed away just a year earlier.) 
 (Above: Raising the camera angle to get a "birds eye view" 
of Michael, Audra and the Rabbi.)
 (Above: Audra's eyes are starting to well-up.)
 (Above: Audra's eyes are glassy with tears of joy and happiness.)
 (Above: The Rabbi was funny!! Laugh out loud kinda funny!!
Rabbi Feinstein made everyone laugh.)
 (Above: Hmmmmm, is Audra's dad adjusting his glasses
or wiping away some water droplets!!!! hehhee!!) 

 (Above: I hope I didn't make anyone mad as I stepped in everyone's view of Michael putting the wedding ring on 
Audra's finger!! Sowwweeeeee!!!)

 (Above: Michael listening intently and watching Audra's lips
as she reads the vows.)

 (Above: Wine time)
 (Above: We were all collectively wondering why the Rabbi brought rope???? Rope to a wedding?

The Rabbi was literally "tying the knot!!" Brilliant!!
I love Rabbi Feinstein!!
He's humorous, engaging, compelling and has a 
profound understanding of human nature.)

(Above: The Rabbi offering his blessings.)

 (Above: The Jewish tradition of Breaking of a Glass.

"The end of the public wedding ceremony is marked by the breaking of a glass, usually a thin glass wrapped in a napkin to contain the fragments. It is smashed under foot by the groom after the seven benedictions, or after the rabbi’s address if it follows the benedictions. Some customs placed it after the betrothals, but our western tradition is to perform it at the very end." from Chabad.Org

 (Above: YAY!!! We're Married!!! 
December 31st, 2014!!!!)

(Above: Live guitar by Brandt Jacobus for the wedding ceremony and  during part of the reception.
Check him out at:


 (Above: Each table had a "table name" based on marathons, triathlons and races. What a great idea!!)
 (Above: The Los Angeles Marathon.
Typically held in March.
From the Stadium to the Sea
(Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean.)
 (Above: Malibu Olympic Triathlon.
Typically held in September.)
 (Above: Boston Marathon.
Held on Patriot's Day. Typically near or around the Monday of April 15th.)

(Above: Napkins with the couple's names on them.)
(Above: Beautiful orchids as centerpieces.)

 (Above: Susan Mallow getting her groove on.)
 (Above: Audra and Michael awaiting the signal
for them to enter the room for the first dance.
This photo has some nostalgic old school, vintage JFK feel to it.)

 (Above: I was looking at this beautifully framed blue and gold gilded mirror with stars, moons and planets, when I noticed the couple in its reflection!!)

8:45 to 8:50pm
Bride and Groom Enter
Mr and Mrs. Michael Mallow
 (Above: Bride and Groom's First Dance:
"From This Moment," Shania Twain) 

(Above: The beautiful shiney white dance floor,
 adds a fine level of class, purity and sophistication. 
And elegance.)

(Above: One of my favorite photographs.
Audra with her hand placed gently on Michaels neck.
And Michael is "all in."
Wow, sooooo romantic.)

(Above: Laughter and light.)

(Above: The live band were on-point.)

(Above: The Pookies in the house.)

(Above: All the way from Colorado baby!!)
(Above: I love it when the woman places her hand 
over her man's chest.)
(Above: The guest book.)
The HaMotzi is the blessing said before eating bread and is one of the most frequently said of the Hebrew blessings, used for Shabbat, holidays, and other occasions: Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth.

(Above: Love, love, love this photo of Audra and her father.)
(Above: See Mr Raymond Lalley, it works!!
Great smile and great eyes!!!)

 (Above: Audra's father, Ray Lalley performing the Motzi.)

(Above: Marissa in the house!!
Just a year earlier I had the wonderful honor
and privilege of capturing photographs of
Marissa's Bat Mitzvah. 

 (Above: Sophie Lee giving a very touching, heartfelt
and meaningful 1st Toast.)
 (Above: Audra reacts with happy tears to Sophie's First Toast.)

 (Above: Ray and daughter Audra share 
the Father-Daughter dance.
"Daughters" by John Meyer)
Ray is holding up his chin as in "inside" joke between him 
and the photographer. Here is where this "raise your chin" 

 (Above: Mother and son Dance.)
 (Above: Father-daughter and mother-son in one picture frame.)

The Start of the HORA 

The Hora (הורה), which is somewhat different from that of some of the Eastern European countries, is widespread in the Jewish diaspora and played a foundational role in modern Israeli folk dancing. Originally from Zikhron Yaakov, it became the symbol of the reconstruction of the country by the socialistic-agricultural Zionist movement.[1] Although considered traditional, the Horah Agadati, which may be the first Jewish adaptation of this dance, was only performed for the first time in 1924.[2]
It is usually performed to Israeli folk songs, and sometimes to Jewish songs, typically to the music of Hava Nagila.
To start the dance, everybody forms a circle, holding hands, and steps forward toward the right with the left foot, then follows with the right foot. The left foot is then brought back, followed by the right foot. This is done while holding hands and circling together in a fast and cheerful motion to the right. Large groups allow for the creation of several concentric circles.
In the early days, Horah was popular mainly in kibbutzim and small communities. In its pioneer version, the horah was done at a whirling, breakneck pace. Each dancer’s arms were around the shoulders of those flanking him, with the circle spinning so fast that dancers were sometimes lifted off the ground. The dancing often continued for hours.[3]
Later the horah became a must in group dances throughout Israel, and at weddings and other celebrations by Jews in Israel, the United States and Canada. The dance appeared in North America in the early 20th century, well before modern Israeli independence, brought directly from Eastern Europe by Jewish immigrants.
At bar and bat mitzvahs, it is customary to raise the honoree, and sometimes his or her family members, on a chair during the horah. This is also done at many Jewish weddings, following the Israeli tradition.
 (Above: I loooooove Michael's expression.
Going up? Express elevator!!!! heheee)

(Above: Looks like fun!!!)

 (Above: 2nd Toast led by Tom Hoffman)
(Above: You can see by Audra and Michael's reaction,
that Tom's speech was FUNNY!!!)

(Above: Everyone giving a toast to the couple and to
Tom's touching, yet funny speech.)
(Above: Girls just want to have fun!!)
 (Above: Fellow Ironman Coeur d'Alene friends
and finishers Lesley and husband Adrian of Cloud 9 Endurance.)

 (Above: The gorgeous Wedding cake.)
 (Above: Bird's eye view of the Cake Cutting.)

(Above: Sheri, Jim, Adrian and Lesley.
Ironman Finishers in the house!!!)

The New Year's Countdown from 2014
Happy New Year 2015 

(Above: Selfie time!!)
(Above: Sister hugs!!)

 (Above: Wow!!!! Swoon!!)

(Above: Beverly is all smiles.)

(Above: Susan's laughter can light up a room.)
(Above: Get in the picture. Okay. Let's JUMP!!!)
Ready, one, two and.....

(Above: First Kiss of January 1st, 2015 

 (Above: Tomato soup shooters at midnight!!
 Happy New Year!!!  Woot woot!!)

Gotta give my friend and fellow photographer Andrew Harto
a shout-out, who inspired these "sparkler" shots.
(Above: 32 inch long sparklers found in Chinatown 
the week before.)

 (Above: Sparkler photographers in black and white....why not!!)

(Above: Airborn!!)
(Above: The photograph is entitled:
Dancing on the Ceiling.)

(Above: This photo kinda sums it up!!!!)

BIG THANKS going out to
Event Planner Extraordinaire 
Nancy Radin of
Off The Charts Events. Com
for all you do
behind the scenes to make everything 
run smoothly, effortlessly and gracefully.

  Shiggy is a Los Angeles based and 
internationally published photographer.

Shiggy is available for destination photo shoots
all over the World.

He is trilingual and speaks, English, Japanese and German.

He is available for Weddings,  Engagements, Mitzvahs,
Corporate Portraits and Headshots.
Private VIP events with NDA (Non-disclosure agreements.)
Celebrity Photo Shoots.
Commercial and Editorial Shoots.

Shiggy likes doggies and cats.
He wants to and WILL qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Shiggy has finished two Ironman events:
Ironman Coeur d'Alene and Ironman Lake Tahoe.

Please contact Shiggy for availability, rates and
any questions. Absolutely any!!! He's here for you!!!!

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