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Havi's Bat Mitzvah North Ranch Country Club, GoShiggyGo Photography, Off The Charts Events Nancy Radin, Havi Rubenfeld Bat Mitzvah Photographer Los Angeles Orange County

Photographer & Videographer: 

Shiggy Ichinomiya (itchy-know-me-yah)
{Principal Photographer}
of GoShiggyGo Photography

 Amazing & Fun Assistant Photographer & Videographer:
George Thomas Mansel

Event Planner:
Nancy Radin: Off The Charts Events
Event Planning with Flair
Off The Charts Events on FB: Click on HERE

Location: North Ranch Country Club,
       Westlake Village, CA
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Officiated by Rabbi Ron Li-Paz of
Valley Outreach Synagogue

(Please check back for video
of Havi's Bat Mitzvah.
In the process of being edited.)

Saturday, January 17th 2015

Haviva Rose Rubenfeld's Bat Mitzvah
Parashat Bo
17 January 2015
26 Tevet 5775

Mazel Tov, Havi!

(Above: The Rubenfeld's:
Eric, Zach, Havi, Leslie and Ben.)

(Above: A beautiful family portrait.)

(Above: Lovin' this backlit photo and sun-flare!!!
Southern California baby!!)

on YouTube
on YouTube. 

We were asked to create a 9-10 
video montage.  Havi's mom, Leslie, sent us the photographs and a list of music that she wanted to have played.
George and I edited the video montage to these four songs:

1) "Baby Girl" by Will Hoge
2) "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars
3) "Hall of Fame" (feat. by The Script  
4) "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

(Above: What a great looking family!)
(Above: Smiling and laughing!! Special moments!)

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths,
but the final forming of a person's characteter
lies in their own hands."
-Anne Frank

(Above: Beautiful mommy and daughter hug.)

(Above: Ben going over his speech.)

(Above: Snuggles and kisses.)

(Above: The Rabbi going over the program.)

(Above: The Holy Ark.)
Bat Mitzvah:
Bat Mitzvah means "daughter of commandment" and refers
to the religious ceremony that signifies a Jewish girl (at the age of 12  or 13) coming of age religiously. According to the Jewish tradition, a girl who has become a bat mitzvah is accorded the same rights as an adult and is morally and ethically responsible for her decisions and actions. 
"May these quiet moments of Shabbat
open our hearts and minds;
may we savor the blessings of family,
centering our souls on the love for one another.
May we be blessed with strength and perseverance;
and the enlightenment
to see that we can make a difference in creating a better world."
-Abraham Joshua Heschel

(Above: Leslie's mom, Havi's grandmother saying
a few words during the ceremony.)
A kippah is a small head covering traditionally worn by men as a symbol of respect for God. The kippas for Haviva's Bat Mitzvah were knitted by Haviva's aunt, Enid Robbins. 

"There is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long,
I feel this is right for me, I know that this is wrong,
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend or wise person can decide
What's right for you-just listen to the voice that speaks inside."
-Shel Silverstein

(Above: A very, very proud mother.)

The Torah is Passed from Generation to Generation
The Torah is Passed
From Grandparents, Herb, Joanne, Rachel & Gil
To parents, Eric & Leslie
To Brother, Ben
To Haviva

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You're on your own. 
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...."
-Dr. Seuss
"Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young,
and the doubly blessed is the generation
in which the young listen to the old."
-The Talmud

(Above: Ben making his sister smile with her eyes.)
(Above: Zach is listening intently to the Rabbi.)

(Above: Havi and Raya Kaufman.
Raya was Havi's Hebrew School teacher and tutored Havi
for her Bat Mitzvah.
(Above: Grandmothers Joanne Ferstan & Rachel Robbins.)
(Above: Ben saying something outrageously funny.)

(Above: Havi wiping away some tears after listening
to her mother say some kind and special words.)

(Above: THAT was one funny speech by Mr. Rubenfeld.
Everyone was laughing real hard.)

(Above: Havi rests her head on her father's shoulder
after he says something that touches Havi's heart.)

(Above: Havi is overflowing with tears of joy and gets
a little help to wipe away the tears from her eyes by the kind
and wonderful Rabbi.)

Blessing over the Havdalah Candle
We light this Havdallah candle which is made of intertwined
strands and acknowledge that all nations, people, and religions
are also intertwined.  May the light of this Havdallah candle
enable us to see that the earth is not burning, but for building.


Shavua Tov (shah-VOO-ah TOHV)

Hebrew. Literally, good week. This greeting is used after Havdalah (the ceremony marking the conclusion of Shabbat), to wish someone a good forthcoming week. 

(Above: Terry the DJ and team were awesome.)

(Above: "H" for Havilicious!!)
(Above: Remember Pop Rocks?
Instead of a salted margarita glass, why not
a Pop Rock rimmed Shirley Temple? Yes, please!! 

(Above: Great job Nanc for the exceptional and detailed
event planning!! xoxo)

(Above: Havi taking a quick peek of the extravegantically
decorated room.)
(Above: Mom and dad make their grand entrance.)

A friend is one who knows you
loves you just the same.

(Above:  Father & Daughter dance.)



(Above: Whose Bat Mitzvah is it?

(Above: The boys watching Havi's video montage.)
(Above: Y'up, mini-donuts were served.)

(Above: Cotton Candy for everyone!!)
(Above: Nice warm pretzels. Nom nom!!!)

(Above: Shaved ice and flavor of your choice!)

(Above: Let the HORA begin!!)

(Above: Hi Leslie.)
(Above: High Leslie. hehehe)

(Above:  HASHTAG!!)

(Above: Shiggy (Shaggy with an "i") and George.
Photographers and videographers having
tons of fun and laughing while working!!
Lovin' what we are doin'!! )

(Above: Surfer Zach in the house!!)

(Above: A nice collage for Havi.)

(Above: I loooove this. Make your own shirt!!
So incredibly unique and different.)

(Above: Havi is presented with her very own cap.)

BIG THANKS going out to
Event Planner Extraordinaire 
Nancy Radin of
Off The Charts Events. Com
for all you do
behind the scenes to make everything 
run smoothly, effortlessly and gracefully.

  Shiggy Ichinomiya (itchy-know-me-ya!!)   is a Los Angeles based and 
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