Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
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Tower 26
Start: 6am Sharp. Like Pepper Jack Cheese
Tower 26 Website: www.Tower26.Com

Session # 18
(post Malibu Triathlon and IM 70.3 Worlds.
Pre-Ironman Lake Tahoe, LA Triathlon and more)

Just another Tower 26 swim practice.
Orange Buoy Shots and More.....

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memories and momentos for your wall.
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 (Above: Nom, nom, nom.....)

(Above: UCLA swimmers/triathletes training
with Tower 26.)

 (Above: Coach Gerry congratulating everyone on 
their impressive swim times over last weekend's races
at Malibu, 70.3 Worlds and other triathlons.)
 (Above: Minutes before everyone got in the water,
this little fella said "hi."
What sounds does a dolphin make? Ding, ding, ding ding, lol!!)

 (Above: The birds are back. But not dive bombing like
 2 weeks ago.)

 (Above: 8 minute swim out. And then return to shore.)
 (Above: Go Amy Go. Go Andy Go.)

 (Above: UC-------LA!!)

 (Above: It was a tad cold this morning.
Nevertheless, everyone went out and swam.
With or without a wetsuit.)

 (Above: And they are off....who is leading the way?
Find out below)
 (Above: Who is that guy?)
(Above: He's leading......)

 (Above: He's getting chased by a bunch of very in-shape gals)

 (Above: Must be Damon Lee.)
 (Above: I love how the birds hover over-head.)

 (Above: Race ready!! Ironman Lake Tahoe in T minus 10 days! Go Deb!!)
 (Above: Compared to nature.......we are tiny.)

 (Above: Wassssssup Rossi?)

 (Above: Hey boys, y'all are getting chicked.)

  (Above: Hey boys, y'all are getting chicked.)

 (Above: THIS is my personal favorite from today's session?
Mostly red swim caps.
Beautiful reflection of the swimmers on the sand.
Horizon line near the middle of the frame. 
Everyone is running.
A combination of wetsuits, half-sleeves and swimsuits.
Even spacing amongst the swimmers. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.)

Photos below are taken with my new
Fuji Water-Proof Camera.
I'm going to use it to take photos
when I do Ironman Lake Tahoe in T-Minus
10 days.

(Above: Taken with my new Fuji water proof camera.
Sometimes I use a GoPro.)

 (Above: "Hi" Jeff Gust.)
 (Above: "Hi" Paul S.)
 (Above: "Hi" Dolores S.)

 (Above: Drones!!)
 (Above: "Hi" Christopher W.)

 (Above: "Hi" Rachel.)

 (Above: "Hi" Chef)

 (Above: "Hi" Shiggy. A selfie. hehee)


 (Above: Wow, those birds are barely skimming the water!!)

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(Above: "Hi" John. Looking ferocious!!
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