Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beautiful newborn baby and bellies photography. Los Angeles.Maternity. Santa Monica. Sheri + Jim + James "Bean"

Beautiful newborn baby photography. Los Angeles based maternity, baby and bellies photographer. GoShiggyGo. Shiggy Ichinomiya. Shiggles. Santa Monica. Posed. Candid. ALL FUN!!

Sheri Soldatke. James "Jim" Dowd. James "Bean!!"
+ Sheri's parents. Linnae and Denny Soldatke
+ Doggie Madison!!

Photographer: © Shiggy Ichinomiya
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(Above: Madison is all smiles as she awaits patiently by the door. She likes him. She likes him!!!)

(Above: James and James)

(Above: Jim holding his lil' sleepy head son.
Nightie night.)

(Above: Calm. Still. Tranquility. A timeless photo.)

(Above: Proud grandma holding 'lil Bean tightly!!)

(Above: Grandpa musta said somethin' funny to
make grandma laugh!)

(Above: I love this photo of Linnae and Denny Soldatke 
and of course smiley face James.)

(Above: Yay, craft services
is here for my photo shoot!!)

(Above: Y'up that's lil' Bean tucked in his aero helmet, 
signed by the
2012 Kona Ironman World Championship Winner, 
Mr. Pete Jacobs himself!!)

Pete Jacobs' Website: 

Pete Jacobs Facebook Page: 
Rudy Project Helmet: 
Rudy Project on Facebook:

 (Above: From Santa Monica, California,
Bean, YOU are an IRONMAN!!!)

(Above: Yes, I AM AN IRONMAN!!!) 
My mom carried me in her tummy last November (2012)
to the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin. Here's my 
medal to prove it!!!)
And yes, this medal is ccccccold!!!
Ironman Wisconsin Website:

(Above: Hi, twinkle toes!!)

(Above: Mom. I loooooove you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!!!! )

(Above: One of my favorite photographs. 
Little hand reaching up!!  
"Hi, it's me. It's me!!"

(Above:  When it's time to's time to go!!!)

(Above: 3 generations with one smiley baby and twinkling eyes!!)

(Above: Mother, daughter, son!!)

(Above: Yay, happy baby!!!)

(Above: Teeny, tiny baby fingers!!) 

(Above: Man and WOMAN'S best friend!!!!)

        (Above: Madison wants to play with her new friend!!)

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