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Hawaii Destination Wedding Photos: Anneka & Jerry's Wedding. Also Dress Rehearsal and PARTY.

Los Angeles Based Photographer: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya
Commissioned to Photograph an Amazing
 Destination Wedding in Hawaii.

Anneka & Jerry's Gorgeous Wedding 
The HiloYacht Club in Hilo, Hawaii

Earlier this year I had the distinct privilege to photograph Anneka and Jerry's engagement photos by the Manhattan Beach Pier.  It was such a beautiful day with a magnificent and stunning sunset. 
 A picture perfect day with a picture perfect couple.

(Above: Invitation to the Wedding with photos taken by
Manhattan Beach Pier.)

  (Above: I love Anneka's "au natural" look.)

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Even though I had shot their engagement photos, I had a vision and I wanted to do something very special and "DIFFERENT."  

In photography, I'm reminded that "you don't have to be better, you have to be different."    

Consequently, I decided to purchase an AquaTech™ water proof casing/housing for my brand new Canon™ 5D Mark III,  and  shoot a "concept" engagement session, also by the Manhattan Beach Pier, but this time a little "different," this time IN THE water, and this time at sunrise.  

Yikes, a brand new camera, with a brand new wide angle lens, with a brand new casing, mixed in water,  yes, an ocean full of it,  brings high risk. 

With high risk, there is high reward.   What if the water casing for the camera leaks? What if the o-ring fails? What if my camera gets ruined? And what if they are spectacular? And what if they are amazing? No bunts, no runs to first base. 
Home runs!!
Swing for the fences baby!! 

It was time. It was time to step out of the comfort zone, take the proverbial "plunge," and enter the MAGIC zone.  Thank you Anneka and Jerry for trusting my intuition in creating magical memories.  Legacy images.

In the photo above, you can see that the sun is just about to overwhelm the photo and blow out the whole picture.  At the same time, a mysterious fog rolled in, creating a hazy, dream-like look that almost clouded the pier.  I admit it was scary for a second being enveloped by fog, near a pier with crusty and sharp barnacles on the pilings. 

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Anneka and Jerry were as willing and enthusiastic about their engagement photo session as I was and this helped because you can see their passion in their expression that radiates throughout their photos. Great job Anneka and Jerry.

When they asked me if I would like to shoot their wedding, a "destination" wedding in Hilo, Hawaii no less,  I was beyond honored and privileged to be commissioned to photograph their BIG Day.

The photos below are broken down into various sections, though not in chronological order:
Favorites from the wedding ceremony. Getting ready. The groom and his boys.The bride and her gals. The lead up to the ceremony. The Ceremony. Post Ceremony. The reception. Dancing.  The dress rehearsal the night before. The party after the dress rehearsal. 

A couple of  favorite photos from 
the wedding ceremony.

(Above: Daddy and daughter proceeding down the isle)

(Above: I love Anneka's enthusiasm and eyes 
that are enamored with her soon-to-be husband,  Jerry.)
(Above: Anneka's twinkling eyes are shining bright like a diamond.)

(Above: High five. Love this shot!!)

(Above: A photograph? An oil painting?)

Getting Ready

(Above: Absolutely gorgeous dress.)

(Above: I love how the MUA is taking a photo of Anneka's hair.)

(Above: I wonder what Anneka is saying with her eyes. 
It remains a mystery?)

(Above: Michelle holding up Jerry's childhood photos)

The handsome groom and the boys

(Above: Jerry getting ready in the hotel.)

(Above: Super model Jerry ready to hit the runway!!!)

(Above: Michelle over here speaking with Michelle over there.)

(Above: The boys and the banyan trees.)

(Above: Getting photo bombed in the middle of 
an important shoot.)

(Above: Ladies and Gentleman.......The Beatles!!!)

 The bride and the gals

(Above: Ladies and Gentleman.....The Beatles!!!
Look carefully and you can see the person driving the car is taking photos of this historic event. Paparazzi!!!)

(Above: Anneka picks up her dress as we move from
location to location.)

(Above: Actress getting ready for the new Charlie's Angels movie being filmed in Hawaii!!!!)

(Above: The Angelina Jolie pose!!) 

(Above: The Three Angelina's!!!)

(Above: Anneka's status on Facebook.)

The Ceremony

(Above: Mai Tai's. Rum based concoction!!!) 

(Above: The lei looks like a heart!!)

(Above: Father and daughter!!!)

(Above: Shedding a tear.)

(Above: I love how Anneka and Jerry always laugh.)

(Above: Shedding a tear.)

(Above: I love how the camera is positioned right over her head!!)

(Above: Teri Heyneman-Myers and hubby.)

(Above: Shedding a tear.)

(Above: Shedding a tear.)


(Above: A Betel Nut ( a common chew in the islands----Micronesia.) Thanks Anneka for that!!)

(Above: Jerry is laughing something BIG!!!)

Watch Time-Lapse Video Below.
Click on arrow in the
middle of the image below.

Watch Time-Lapse Video Above.

(Above: Who are Anneka and Jerry waving to? See photo below.)

(Above: Look closely. Family, relatives and guests waving back at the bride and groom.)

(Above: Lisa made this amazing Wedding Cake.)

(Above: A special dance for Jerry.)  

                                   (Above: Michelle shedding a tear of joy.)

(Above: "O" for okay!!!)

(Above: The First Dance.)

(Above: A warm and tender embrace.)

Video Below: Click on the triangle (PLAY) button to start video of Anneka and Jerry dancing.

"I think YOU are amazing, just the way you are."

(Above: Click on the "PLAY" button in the middle of the photo above to start the video.)

The Dress Rehearsal
(Above: The Exclusive Venue: The Hilo Yacht Club.)
(Above: Handsome  James Bond Double O Jerry!!)

The Party After the Dress Rehearsal at Bill and Jean's!!!

(Above: Beautiful handmade name tags on shells.)

(Above: Name.? How do you know Anneka? Where are you from? Great conversation starter!!!)

(Above: Beer from Hawaii.)

(Above: Catered party!!!  Delicious!!!)

(Above: Bill-Father of the Bride!!!)

(Above: John the bartender!!

(Above: Michelle X 2)

(Above: Like father like son!!)

(Above: Yum--dessert!!)

(Above: The gals sharing a good laugh!!)

Swimming with Turtles and the Fun Run. Great Activities Prior to the Wedding Day Organized by Jean and Bill
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