Monday, October 28, 2013

Same-sex engagement photographer photography Los Angeles. The Beach. Hollywood. Amazing and beautiful.

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya (GoShiggyGo Photography)

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I'm extremely honored and very grateful to be contacted by Jana and Kristi to not only photograph their engagement, 
but their BIG Day as well.

With the court's ruling this year, gay marriage became
 officially legal in California on June 26th, 2013. 

The Supreme Court ruled against the backers of California's

Prop. 8 gay marriage ban with a 5-4 decision. Yay!!

After legislation passed Jana and Kristi thought about having their Wedding conducted in San Francisco's City Hall on November 1st. 

However, if that day didn't work out, 
then they would choose another.

Because they said that they "absolutely wanted you to

photograph our Wedding." And if November 1st didn't work, they asked me when my schedule would be available for
me to photograph their Wedding.


I'm soooooooo humbled. Soooooo humbled indeed.
They would arrange their once in a lifetime BIG DAY around my schedule!!!! Eeeeeek!! OMG OMG OMG!!!
Of course I said YES!!!!!!!

Here are some photographs from their 
engagement photography session.

It was a true joy.
So much fun frolicking on the beach.


 (Above: I loooooove Jana's reflection in Kristi's sunglasses.)
(Above: Though we were in Los Angeles,
the Fall foliage looked like we were shooting on the East Coast.)

 (Above: I love capturing all sorts of angles.
From way up high to down low. 
Wide to narrow, focused and detailed.)

 (Above: Here we are in Los Angeles,
although it felt like we were in a villa doing

a destination engagement photo shoot somewhere in 
South America.)
 (Above: Tender moments.)

(Above: Laughter, smiles and happy faces.)

(Above: Los Angeles Palm Trees baby!!!)

(Above: Enjoying a cup of coffee.
Last few weeks before starting a brand
new life up in Northern California.)

(Above: Though Jana has never seen the movie "Titanic," 
she did the "front of the ship" pose very well.
I love how Kristi is laughing!!!)

(Above: Peek-a-boo!!)
(Above: I loooooooove the colors and negative space to the right.)

(Above: And here we are on the Cape in Massachusetts!!!)

(Above: Jana's? Kristi's?)

(Above: I love how the plane that went by was.....wait for it...
Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Airways. 
Very Fitting!!!
Bold! Powerful!! Innovative!! Pioneer!!)
(Above: United States United We Stand.)

Shiggy is a Los Angeles based published photographer, specializing in advertising and commercial work, including wedding, engagement, fashion, glamour, fitness, sport, product, executive portraiture, corporate photography, high profile events and celebrity portraits.

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(Above. One of my favorite photographs of Kristi!!
Happy. Innocent. Protected.
Safe in these arms. 
Surrounded by Love!!)

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