Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Photographer: Shiggy ICHINOMIYA
Website: www.GoShiggyGo.Com

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Time: 6am Sharp. Like a Razor.
Session #14
August 15th, 2013
Motto "Be Race Ready"
Tower 26 Website: www.Tower26.Com

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Chef Gordon Ramsay in da house.
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Guess who will be doing the Malibu Triathlon in September and
Kona Ironman in October?

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(Above: Yes, it's dark in the wee hours of the morning. 5:45am)
 (Above: Silent morning.
All is calm, all is bright.)
 (Above: Coach Todd leading today's Session.)

 (Above: Looks like Susie will be the first in the water.)

 (Above: Adam putting in his ear plugs.)

 (Above: Can you say "glassy flat?"
 (Above: Birds flying over head.)
 (Above: Birds flying low over head and one right in front of me.)
 (Above: Birds and swimmers. Gotta love nature.) 

 (Above: More birds!!!) 

 (Above: Can you find Coach Todd?)
(Above: Pro triathlete- Emma-Kate Lidbury)

 (Above: Mojito anyone? Shaken not stirred.)

 (Above: Ian "Hollywood" having a chat with 
Chef Gordon Ramsey in the back)

 (Above: Ironman Lake Tahoe to be---Jeff Gust!!)

 (Above: Caption this!!)
 (Above: Caption this!!)

 (Above: High Five)

 (Above: "And they're off...")

 (Above: Caption this...)

 (Above: Go Tyler Go. Here's your chance!!)

 (Above: A sea of ants!!)

 (Above: Is this perfect timing?
Mo catches his breathe.
Jeff reaches over Mo and gives  Ian "Hollywood" a fist-bump.
As a photographer, I'm always looking to capture 
those "moments." Candid moments!!)

 (Above: Caption this!
When I grow up, I want to wear a RŌKA wetsuit.
Sean and Reilly both laugh.)

 (Above: Chef Gordon Ramsey with smokin' Caroline Bird.)

 (Above: A Damon Lee sandwich.)

 (Above: The workout was soooo hard it brought 
tears to Lisa's eyes.)
 (Above: Dr. Alan (far left) representing with 
Blue Seventy wetsuits.)

 (Above: I kinda like this photo.
Three triathletes posed for a group photo.
And behind them three triathletes candid, 
in the moment and running.)

  (Above: Does this look like an ad for Blue Seventy or what?)
 (Above: Does this look like an ad for Blue Seventy or what?)

 (Above: Eric flies by Chef Gordon.)

 (Above: Chef Gordon asks Alisonwonderland for a photo.)

 (Above: Carol showing Chef Gordon the buoy.)

 (Above: Italian tourists giving Gordon Ramsay a hand with his
Aqua Sphere wetsuit.
She says they even know him in Milan, Italy)

 (Above: Guns!!)
 (Above: Fffff cancer.)
 (Above: From this angle you can see that
the portacath is raised.)

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Photographs brought to you by......

Beautiful prints are available for purchase
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(Above: Y'up. Even the UCLA Triathlon
team members participate weekly at
Tower 26.) 

(Above: Thank you ladies!!)
ps. Laurence, have fun in Australia. See you next year. 

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