Friday, October 4, 2013

Gordon Ramsay Kona Triathlete Magazine Photo Shoot GoShiggyGo Shiggy Ichinomiya Triathlon Chef Ironman

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya of GoShiggyGo.Com
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Photo Shoot: Chef Gordon Ramsay

Location: Tower 26 in Santa Monica
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OMG OMG OMG, I'm sooooooo happy and thrilled to see my photo of Chef Gordon Ramsay published in this month's issue, (November 2013,) of Triathlete Magazine.  

Thank you Jené and Oliver.

As a photographer, and "content provider,"

I really love how this photo of Gordon is published in, 
wait for it..........the table of "contents" page. (hehee!!)
(Above: California Casual photo shoot.
The Santa Monica Pier and the Santa Monica Mountains
are in the background.
Gotta love So.Cal!!)

(Above: The copy  on the bottom right of the photo says:
"Gordon Ramsay swim trains with Gerry Rodrigues and 

the Tower 26 crew in Los Angeles."
I'm totally lovin' the Tower 26 shout-out!!!

 (Above, top-right: 
I got butterflies when I turned the page and saw my name, 
SHIGGY ICHINOMIYA (spelled correctly!!) in the 
crease and inner-spine of the magazine.)

(Above: This is the cover of this month's Triathlete Magazine.
Available at newstands now. Or get the digital copy online.
Or subscribe and get it delivered to your door every month.)

(Above: Nature doesn't care who you are.
Gordon getting smashed by a wave as he's putting

on his goggles.)

(Above: Dolphin diving!!)

(Above: Just one in a mass of Tower 26 swimmers at 6am.
Go Tower 26ers GO!!!) 

(Above: Gordon having a laugh.
He was so surprised to see some dude with a camera 

taking photographs near the buoy.)
(Above: The orange Los Angeles County buoy!!

(Above: Photo shoot in the middle of the swim.
Whoops, sorry for getting in your way. heheee)

(Above: What a glorious morning!!!)

(Above: One of my favorite photos!!!
Into the light!!)

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tower 26 Triathlon Swim Coach Gerry, On success, three second rule, DNF, .03second rule, Ironman, GoShiggyGo, Shiggy Ichinomiya, Photographer, Triathlete, All Systems Go Media Inc, AllSystemsGoMediaInc.Com

(Photos + Videos are BEST viewed on a desktop/laptop.
Some videos aren't compatible with smart phones and other devices.)

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
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Tower 26
06:15am. SHARP. As. Tacks.
Motto: "Be Race Ready."
Session #20
September 25th, 2013

Post Ironman Lake Tahoe.  Pre- Ironman World Championships KONA

Yes, photographs are available for purchase.
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do at 6:15 on Wednesday mornings.

 (Above: Magical Morning)

 (Above: Chef Gordon Ramsay chats with Kristin)

 (Above: Gordon Ramsay congratulating me on finishing (barely)
Ironman Lake Tahoe. 16 hours 58 minutes 33 seconds.)

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 (Above: WOW LISA, YOU are an Ironman.
Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013 baby.)

 (Above: Coach Adrian V. and Lisa Dordick
getting sucked up by a wave.)

 (Above: Erin Maruoka and Shana sharing a laugh.)

 (Above: Tony Nuccio, Ironman Tony!!
Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013.)
 (Above: Nothing stopping her. Not even surgeries)

 (Above: Reilly standing TALL!!)

 (Above: Chris is killing the swim in his Xterra)

 (Above: Senator, President, Congresswoman to be Libby!!)
 (Above: Rocket Science Sports Wetsuit representing with
the Triathlon Lab insignia on it.)
 (Above: Just about to spit on the lens to keep those
pesky little water droplets off it.)

 (Above: George making a splash!!!)

 (Above: Waiting for the ROAR!!
Go Damon LEE GO)

 (Above: Frickin' love this photo of Damon Lee and Mike S.)

 (Above: Go Crossfit Andy GO!!)

 (Above: Nice aerial shot taken with my private helicopter)
 (Above: Go Paul GO!!)

 (Above: Love this photo of Gordon Ramsay)

 (Above: High from way above. Rented a helicopter!!)

 (Above: Waddup Tony? UCLA UCLA)

 (Above: Hi England!!)

 (Above: Rikako Takei just did Ironman Lake Tahoe and seems
very happy frolicking in the waves.)

 (Above: Excuse me waves!!
Don't you see I'm double fisting with one camera in one hand and

a second camera in my other hand?
The water doesn't care who you are.
Even if you are a celebrity. See photo below!! hehee!!)

 (Above: Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay getting ready to 
take the plunge before racing Kona on October 12th.)
 (Above: Mr Ramsay smashed by a wave.
NO special treatment out here.)
 (Above: Wave crashed over me.)

 (Above: Mr Ramsay dolphin diving under the wave.)

 (Above: Raise your hands if your gonna do
the Alcatraz swim. Georgia raises them both!!)

 (Above: Caroline Bird dolphin diving!!)

 (Above: My buddy giving me a fist bump!)

 (Above: Sexy Jeff Gust, I mean Ironman Jeff Gust in the house.)

 (Above: Jeff Gust with his green Ironman Lake Tahoe swim 
cap on. He rocked it. BIG time.)
(Above: Now you see Erin........) 
 (Above: Now you don't.
Hmmm, where is Erin?)

 (Above: Hi face!!
GO Erin GO)

(Above: Erin Maruoka swimming and smiling.)

 (Above: Wave SMASH.

 (Above: Dolphin Diving to get some speed.)

 (Above: Note water splash. 
I got smashed by a wave from behind!!)

 (Above: Go Sarah P. Go)
 (Above: UCLA in da house.)
 (Above: Peek-A-Boo. I See You.)
 (Above:  I love this photo of Damon Lee!!)

 (Above: GO Mark Go!!)

 (Above: GO Lauren Baker GO!!)

 (Above: Hi Amy D.)
 (Above: Low camera angle to get this shot.)

(Above: Inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe Finishers
Tony Nuccio & Bodie Olmos) 


of Coach Gerry. On "Success."
What does "success mean?"
(Above: VIDEO. Coach Gerry, on "SUCCESS."
If you can't view this video, please copy and paste the 
link below into your browser.

OR click ON LINK--->>Click on HERE for video. xoxo

For those who are interetsed:
Here is my Ironman Lake Tahoe Race Report 2013.
Click here--->>> Click on HERE 4 IMLT Race Report
(Above: I love the delicious light. 
Damon Lee in the foreground.)

Previous Tower 26 Session Photos:
Session #19. Click here--->> Session #19. Click HERE xoxo

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