Friday, August 29, 2014

{The Jaffe Family Portraits} by GoShiggyGo Photography Los Angeles Family Portrait Photographer

{The Jaffe Family Portraits} by GoShiggyGo Photography.
  Los Angeles based Family Portrait Photographer.
Will Photograph World Wide. 

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(Above: Magic!!!
Getting 4 pairs of eyes to look through the lens: Priceless!!)

(Above: Gotta include the family doggie!!)

(Above: Big sister!!
Little sister!!)

 (Above: Daddy goofing around!!
Bobby has sooooo much energy, vitality and life!!! )

 (Above: Daddy 'n daughter sharing a BIG laugh together: Precious!! Daddy's girl!!!)

 (Above: Cousin happened to be around. Jump in for a quick pic.
Great smiles you guys!!)

 (Above: Framed!!! Love the twinkle in your eyes!!)

(Above: A little mommy and daughter time!!)

(Above: I looooooove Tracy's hair. Work it girl!!

Thank you for coming by and looking at these photographs.

Those precious times, those intimate moments, those special looks, the touch, the feel, the heartbeats.
They are sooooooo fleeting.
They grow soooooo quickly.
You blink and time is gone...........

Please allow me to capture those once-in-a- lifetime 
moments for you.

And do yourself a favor. Make prints.
Have a hard copy proudly displayed on your wall.
You deserve it.
Your family deserves it.
Your memory may fade, your wall print will be forever.
Your legacy.
Your family heirloom.

Book your session today.

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