Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trash the Wedding Dress Los Angeles Photographer {Jennifer and Marshall} GoShiggyGo Photography GSGPICS Sunset Engagement

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah!!)

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Trash the Dress.
Drown the Gown. 

Thank you for a great photoshoot Jennifer and Marshall.
(Above: Okay guys. Eyes this way.
Don't move. Hold it. Smile. Yes. Yes.
Keep the element of surprise........
....and then BAMMMM.
Thoroughly drenched and covered by a wave!!
It's like pulling a blanket over
your head in bed on a cold night.
With cold water. Brrrrr.
I love Marshall's bright eyes and Jennifer's feminine
way of holding her husband. Very gentle and graceful.)

(Above: I looove how Jennifer and Marshall remain cool, 
calm and collected as they get pounded by a wave that washes 
right over them.)

(Above: I looooove all the negative space surrounding the couple.
It adds peace and tranquility to the photograph.)
(Above: Jennifer and Marshall being playful.)

(Above: Imma getchuu!!
Fun seeing Jennifer smiling so radiantly!!)
(Above: Oh la la!!)
(Above: I loooove how the sun illuminates Jennifer's Wedding Dress revealing the intricate patterns and details.)

(Above: Without notice. BAAAAM!!
Beautiful couple. Beautiful colors.)
(Above: OR do you prefer black and white?)
(Above: The wave crashes so hard on the couple, almost
cresting over Jennifer.)

(Above: Just like in the movies!!)

(Above: Sandy!!)
(Above: And that's why it's called "trash the dress."
Prior to the shoot, I  asked Marshall to take out his keys, and miscellaneous items from out of his pockets. He did. AFTER the shoot, Marshall says "oh no." I asked, "What's the matter?"
Marshall said that he left his wallet in his pant's pocket by mistake.
Then he starts taking out, handfuls upon handfuls of sand from his pocket!!
Not a wallet. But SAND!!!)

(Above: Why, might you ask did I include this photo, where clearly you can see on the couple's faces that it's a little blurry and hazy? 
Well, what you can't see is the wind. And what we also 
can't see is the minute particles of salt water droplets that 
were blowing straight into my camera's lens!!
                                       Hence, the hazy photo.)
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(Above: I love shooting at sunset. The colors are so rich!!)

(Above: Lost in love.)

(Above: The Midas Touch.)
(Above: Jennifer looks like a mermaid.)
(Above: Like pulling the bed covers over themselves.)
(Above: They are here. Somewhere!!!)

(Above: A beautiful Southern California Sunset.)

(Above: Hawaii?)
(Above: THESE colors are magical.)

(Above: The start of our amazing and fun shoot.
Beautiful and clean dress!!)

Shiggy is a Los Angeles based and 
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Shiggy likes dogs and cats.
He wants to and WILL qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Shiggy has finished two Ironman events:
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