Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Queen Mary Wedding Photographer Photography on Halloween. Masquerade {Tanya & Paul's Wonderful Wedding} by GoShiggyGo Photography

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah!!)
Photographer's Assistant: George Thomas Mansel
Hair & Make-Up: Olga Vidales of Bella Chola

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{Tanya & Paul's Wedding}
October 31st, 2014
Aboard: The Queen Mary. Long Beach.
(Above: A Halloween Wedding on this famous Ship!!)

(Above: What a beautiful dress. Look at the detail!! Gorgeous!!)

(Above: The clouds look like steam coming out 
of the three "stacks.")

(Above: The very kind lady at the gift shop helped me set up this shot. She found a box and put red crepe paper in it as a liner.
Then she found a Christmas ornament, The Queen Mary,

that we placed in the background.)

(Above: Olga workin' her magic with Tanya.
Olga worked with me on a previous photo shoot 

with Tanya!!!)

(Above: I asked the bellman near the lobby of the ship, where and if  there was a sign pointing out the schedule of events for today.
He pointed that it was on a board just around the corner.)

(Above: A mosaic tile of the Queen Mary, located at the foot of the evelators, near valet parking.)
(Above: Paul making some last minute fixes to his bow tie.)

(Above: Captain Paul looking out of the porthole.)

(Above: Very dapper and handsome Paul.
Shaken, not stirred!!)

(Above: Christopher and Richard haring a few laughs with Paul.)

(Above: Love the attention to detail on Paul's bow tie.)
(Above: Paul's tuxedo accented with 
Comedy & Tragedy Mask cufflinks.)

(Above: Bravo to Erica for making sure Tanya's train didn't drag and get dirty.)
(Above: The Beautiful Bride is almost ready.)

(Above: Paul waiting in anticipation for the "big reveal."

(Above: One of my favorite photographs of Paul.
Perhaps it's the colors. Or Paul standing so confidently and 

so vulnerably at the same time.)
(Above: No peaking!!!
The bride is on her way and to the right.)

(Above: Tanya getting in place for the big reveal.)

(Above: Paul's eyes firmly shut waiting for our 10 second countdown.)

(Above: Holding on for the moment of the  big reveal.)

(Above: Tanya looks happy that Paul is happy and surprised.)

(Above: For some reason this looks like a photograph of olde.
It reminds me of New York's Staten Island.

(Above: Paul showing a tender and caring moment as he
wipes an eyelash off Tanya's cheek.
Good man!!)

(Above: Love the twirl in Tanya's Wedding Dress.)

(Above: Tanya and Paul near the front of the ship.)
Bow = Front of ship
Stern = Back part of ship
Port = The side of a ship that is on your LEFT when looking forwards.
Starboard = The RIGHT side of a ship when looking towards the front
Galley = The kitchen on a boat or plane

(Above: Attorney-to-be Christopher signing papers as an official witness to the wedding. 
Dr. Sean looks on and  Officiant Jun makes sure that the 
paperwork is correct.)
(Above: I love how Christopher is helping with Tanya's dress.
Christopher and Tanya have been good friends forever.)

(Above: The Queen Mary marquee on the right identies
this amazing location.)

(Above: Grandparents in the house.)

(Above: Beautiful and handsome parents in the house.)
(Above: New York?
Nope. Long Beach baby!!)

(Above: Cover photo for the band,  the PJs.)

(Above: One of my favorite photos. The background adds
depth and character. And I looooove the colors.)

(Above: All is calm.)

(Above: In the Stately and Art Deco Bar of the Queen Mary.
We kindly asked some of the bar patrons to move in order

for us to take the photos. At the end, one of the customers, replete
with Western Cowboy boots, purchased a whole bottle of
champagne for the couple and for all of us.
What a kind gesture!! Cheers sir!)

(Above: The sun is slowly setting.)

(Above: Paul looking at his bride-to-be.)
(Above: A very similar photo to the one above, however, this time Tanya is looking at her Groom-to-be. 
As a photographer, I'm told that I'm "everywhere."
Yes, I try and get to take photographs from every conceivable angle in order 
to get as much coverage and points-of-view, as possible.) 

(Above: While keeping an eye out on the Bride and Groom,
I always make sure to look at the guests in order to see

if I can capture a "special moment" and "emotional reaction."
(Above: Paul placing the ring on Tanya's finger.)

(Above: Tanya placing the wedding ring on Paul's finger.)

(Above: Wanted to capture the beautiful Halloween colored arches,
the  rich glow from the banquet room and the seated guests.)

(Above: You may kiss the Bride.)

(Above: Love Tanya's smile!!! She looks soooooooo happy!!
Queen Mary's Annual Halloween bash--"Dark Horror Nights,"
is taking place behind the couple. See the fire!!
I guess it woke everyone up at 4am when they were testing.
Though this photograph was taken around 6:30-7pm,
it did start to rain, nay, POUR, at around 11pm.
Perfect weather for Halloween.
A tad chilly. A tad windy. And very sccccccary!!!)

(Above: What a beautiful old wood banquet hall!!
I'm sure the walls could tell MANY spooky stories.)

(Above: This pocket-watch has great sentimental value to Paul.)

(Above: Set-up of the Bride and Groom's Center Table.
Lanterns of L.O.V.E.)

(Above: Come hither!! Paul did!!)

(Above: First dance with Mom.)

(Above: Paul removed his masquerade mask as he finally 
gets to enjoy his dinner.
Tanya and Paul made sure that everyone ate before they did.)

(Above: First dance with Dad.)

(Above: Grandma wipes a little tear from her eye.)

(Above: Pie cutting time.)

(Above: The bouquet toss.)

(Above: Who finally caught the bouquet?
Looks like BOTH gals want the bouquet!!)

(Above: Garter time!!)
(Above: Wow. Paul actually used his teeth!!)
(Above: What can I tell ya!!)

(Above: Look who caught the garter belt from the toss?
None other than Christopher himself!!!
Could another Wedding be in the air?)

(Above: It was Halloween and many parties were going in and around the ship.
A Zombie Bride and Groom crashed the party!!
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was playing!!) 

(Above: Plunge that knife deeper!!!!!!)

(Above: The Bride and Groom share a laugh and share their first dance.)

(Above: Cheers. To the beautiful bride and to the handsome groom.
Congratulations you guys!!
I'm honored to be a part of your incredible day

and journey. Thank you for choosing me
as your photographer for your BIG day.)

(Above: George, my amazing assistant got the 
grandparents to k-i-s-s!!Sooooo cute!!
Generations of LOVE!!!
Pass it on.)

Shiggy is a Los Angeles based and 
internationally published photographer.

Shiggy is available for destination photo shoots
all over the World.
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He is available for Weddings,  Engagements,
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Shiggy likes dogs and cats.
He wants to and WILL qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Shiggy has finished two Ironman events:
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Please contact Shiggy for availability, rates and
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