Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo Shoot: Model/Actress/Writer Ramsey Brown

Model/Actress/Writer Ramsey Brown
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Photographer: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya

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(Above: I love how Ramsey's eyes pop with the 
black seamless background. Gorgeous light.)

(Above: Ramsey has just seen a ghost!!!) 

(Above:  I love this photo of Ramsey.  A fun and child-like, and playful Ramsey-like shot.)

(Above: Imagine that it's freezing out in Vermont.  Bitter cold with fierce and biting wind. This photo of Ramsey reminds me of a warm and cozy place.  She's snug and ready to advertise for REI.) 
(Above: Oh-la-la!!! Ramsey getting ready for her sexy 
Victoria Secrets™ photo shoot.)

(Above: For Your Eyes Only.)

(Above: Ramsey FULL of HEART!!)

(Above: I love the intensity in Ramsey's eyes.
This is one of Ramsey's favorite photos.) 

(Above: Ramsey with her very silky smooth, pure white skin.
Does this photo remind you of an Ivory® Soap, or a Nivea® or Oil of Olay® commercial? It could be.)

(Above: Thrilled that Ramsey used a photo that I took (far right) for the flyer of her Ooh-La-La!! One woman show.)
(Above: Roar said Ramsey.
One of MY favorite photos ever.
Thank you Ramsey for going ALL out.)

Below is a review by Bob Leggett of Ramsey's show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012.

What can I say about OohLaLa, the absolute gem of the Fringe! Ramsey is a total delight. It’s obvious she learned from the best, as her mentor was Smith (T*O*T*A*L*L*Y), winner of Best of the Fringe 2010.

Ramsey is totally likable – you feel for her frustrations in the love quest. You want to rescue her cause you relate to how hard it is to find true love.

I had the honor of watching the performance sitting next to Ramsey’s mom, who figures prominently in the story. It made it all feel so much more real, knowing that her mom would tell me if anything Ramsey said was false – all her mom did was laugh.
After seeing a few bombs last week, I was so glad that I could start my weekend off with a true hit – it made the rest of the night easier to swallow!

I highly recommend this show and am nominating it for Best of the Fringe 2012.
Click HERE to read the review online

Believe it or not, all these photos were taken in just ONE photo session.  Such a wide range of shots, expressions and attitude encapsulated in a very short time frame.  Ramsey brought A LOT to the table. She had great energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.  The important key is "willingness!!!"

I was honored to photograph Ramsey and am deeply grateful that she trusted me on this photo shoot. She took direction very well which is important because sometimes a "moment" can be so fleeting and can only be captured in an instant, a blink of an eye, which means timing, preparation, intuition, decisiveness and luck all must coincide like a perfect storm.   The same way a storm can create a beautiful rainbow when all the elements align perfectly.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Editorial Photo Shoot: Male Model Christian Johnson signed with Ford Models

Hi everyone. Here are some images from a photo shoot with the amazing and talented Christian Johnson. He was discovered at the U.S. Open of Surfing by the incredible Jim Jordan!!! (Jim's work can be seen in such magazines as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, J.Crew.)  Christian is Represented by Manager Jim Jordan of Jim Jordan Photography and Jim signed Christian with Ford Models!!! Woot woot!!!

Model: Christian Johnson
Photographer: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya (GoShiggyGo.Com)

I just received THE best comment ever. A client said: "Shiggy, you should be shooting for Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch® or for a GQ Magazine." Wow, wow, wow!!!! Now THAT'S a compliment!!! Thank you. 


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