Monday, June 3, 2013

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Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya

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I love, love, love, did I say, LOVE what I do.
It's an important value of mine to "give back" and contribute back to society, "pay it forward" if you will, and volunteer one's time.
This is my third year photographing this amazing event that helps raise funds that provide free swim lessons for under-served children in Los Angeles.

I'm grateful for being a part of this invaluable program.

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Sunday, June 2nd 2013
This is the 3rd Annual Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge. 
Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge: www.Coast2CoastSwim.Com

GSG Swimming Goggles Project

(Above: Amazing hard work and discipline to get a hard as nails body!!  Inspirational. Great job!!)

(Above: Gary Hall Jr. is an American swimmer who competed in the 1996 Atlanta , 2000 Sydney mate and 2004  Athens Olympics and won ten Olympic medals (five gold, three silver, two bronze.)
He's 6 ft 6 in.

Double Ds.
Dana and Deirdre wearing Athlete Octane Swim Gear.
The Big "O."
Here's a link:
Athlete Octane on Facebook: Click HERE for FB page

One with the Water®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers competitive swim training and year-round swim instruction. We emphasize having fun and personally connecting with you so that you can relax and become One with the Water®.

We provide swimming lessons to children and adults, including those diagnosed on the autism spectrum, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration, anxiety, Down and CHARGE syndrome, auditory processing disorders and dyslexia. We provide lessons to Service-Disabled Veterans and athletes with physical disabilities or visual impairments including amputation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal cord injury other disabilities.

We offer lessons to those with a desire to improve their stroke technique, triathletes looking for the competitive edge in open-water swimming, to people who have never been in the water before, and to those of us wanting to take a healthy break from the stress and overstimulation in the world today.

Join us and become…

One with the Water®.

(Above: Notice the RING on future Mrs. Konrad's finger!!!)
I feel like a paparazzi taking a photo of a celebrity couple!!
Konrad proposed to Jennifer Kramer earlier in the day. I believe Konrad said it was 5 o'clock in the morning in Vegas!!
When I first saw Konrad at the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge, I asked Konrad "where is your wife?"
Konrad smiled and said "ironically it's funny that you ask that." And thenhe proceeds to tell me the incredible story!!
Congratulations my friends!!! ) 

 (Above: Nelson showing us some guns!!)

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(Above: LIVEPURPAK's Website:

(Above: Bobby in the house.)

(Above: Larry getting interviewed by ABC TV Channel 7.)

(Above: Comedian and Improv master Nathan in the house!!)

(Above: I love Sheri's smile!! So happy!!)
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Please contact Shiggy for
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Friendly. Fun. Fabulous.

Getting to know Shiggy:
(Above: Here's a lovely photograph of multiple
Olympic Gold medalist Dara Torres.
Incidentally Dara used to practice in the same 
Culver City Plunge Pool
where the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge is held.)