Friday, May 18, 2012

Triathlon Lab-Season Kick-Off Party photos by Shiggy

(Above: Lloyd Taylor CEO and Owner of Triathlon Lab.  Angi Green, Professional Model, Triathlete, Mum Extraordinaire!!)
More than 40 photos below

(SRAM Road Ride Experience Free Rides)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Canon's Very Long Interface USB Cable. (Video too) Great to tether to your computer while using Lightroom 4.

YouTube Video is posted below of the Canon Interface USB Cable

The interface cable that you insert one end into your camera and the other end into your computer's  USB port is usually just 6 feet long.  Wow, a very short "ball and chain."  My Canon 7D and my new  Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body) (Canon 5D Mark iii, Mark 3) is also just 6 feet in length.  Sure, that is adequate when transferring and uploading images from your camera to your computer. (I hope you don't do this and use a card reader instead.) Adequate, but not good enough.  Onwards. Upwards!!! Yes!!!

What about shooting tethered? If you've shot tethered you will certainly know the limitations of having just a 6 foot cable.  If you walk just one half step too far, yank, and out goes one end of the cable. When you are shooting tethered with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Upgrade Lightroom 4 (or Lightroom 3) you know that you have to restart the program because the cable came out.  Time consuming and potentially embarrassing, especially in front of a model, let alone a high paying client.  The cable is way too short.
Solution: Get a longer cable. Hmmm, I didn't know it existed?  Yes, yes, it does. And here it is -------->>>>>>(click on link)    Canon USB Interface Cable - 15.4' (4.7 m) IFC500U

(An iPhone pic of the box that my new Canon USB Interface Cable came in.)

How long is the cable? More than double the length or just less than triple the length of the Canon camera supplied cable.  Yes, the Canon USB Interface Cable is a loooooong and whooping 15.4 feet. That's 4.7 meters. THAT'S what I call, a party!!! And THAT'S what I call....wait for it, FREEDOM.  Freedom of movement.  Ultimately more freedom to think about the photo shoot and less on worrying about the cable popping and getting yanked out from the camera. Life is about options. Life is about opportunities.  It's an investment.

(Click on the image above and check out the product yourself. I did. And I love it.)

(Below: VIDEO of my new Canon IFC (interface) Cable.
Click on video below)

(VIDEO--Click above for unboxing of the Canon Cable)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

World's fastest unboxing video of the Canon 5D Mark III video

(Unboxing video below)

Yipppeeee. My new Canon 5D Mark III (Canon 5D Mark 3) Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body) just arrived today.  The primary reason I got the new camera body is because of the dual memory card slots.  What does that mean?Most cameras have only "one" memory card slot which means if the memory card gets corrupted in any way, shape or form, you basically will loose any data, or in other words, any "precious memories" and photographs that you have taken.

Try telling this to your valuable client:
--"Whoops, your wedding photos were lost because I only had one memory card in the camera."
--"My bad, I just lost ALL your photos from your happiest day on earth."
--"Schucks, big goofball me. All those photos that I took of you and your significant other, on so-and-so, never to happen again, once-in-a-lifetime event, well, they are, all gone."

Not cool. Not acceptable. Memories aren't replaceable.  You've got to have back up. You've got to have two memory card slots PERIOD.  I do.

A couple of months ago, I had a massive panic attack. Why?  I just got home shooting a private bridal shower that included Fergie (yes, THE Fergie, from the Superbowl Half-time playing, award winning Black Eyed Peas) and I wanted to upload the over 600 photos that I took.  When I tried to upload them through a card reader, it showed that I only had, gulp, 68 photos.  Yes, 68 photos from the whole bridal shower.  Not good. Panic attack.

I then re-tried uploading them "straight from the camera" (ie from the camera via USB cord to the computer-----oft frowned upon by professional photographers) and voila, the problem was fixed.  Still, I said to myself, this is unacceptable for any of my clients PERIOD. ALL my clients are VIP PERIOD.  

I asked myself: What if the card become corrupted?  What if the card only records half, a quarter, or none of the data? For at the end of the day, a Compact Flash (CF) card is still a very unprotected, vulnerable piece of silicon. From then on, I decided to have a "BACK UP."  I wanted a camera that has two memory slots.

(Above is the Unboxing Video of the Canon 5D Mark III. Body only. No lens)

 The Canon 5D Mark III has 1) A CF memory slot and 2) a SD memory slot.

I just bought myself some "piece of mind," and in some respect, insurance.

Here are a couple of Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body) specifications:
22.3 Megapixels
Full Frame CMOS Sensor
3.2 inch High Resolution LCD
Full HD. Built in HDR
ISO 50-102,400 WOW!!! Low light photography baby!!
6 FPS (Frames Per Second.) I want the Canon 1DX at 12 FPS ($7000!!!)
Dual CF & SD Memory Card Slots

ps The Canon 5D Mark III uses the same battery as the Canon 7D

Monday, May 14, 2012

My photo is on a print ad in the LA Times today for Mount Sinai

I'm extremely excited for I was told by my client this morning to go to today's Los Angeles Times (LA Times) because a photo (p.11) that I took that was overseen by the creative director less than two weeks ago for a print ad for Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, was published. Nice run-on sentence. ha ha!!! Can you tell that I'm excited!!!

After a photo shoot this morning, I stopped by the local gas station and purchased a copy of the LA Times and quickly went to p.11 of the main news page.  I even showed the gas station attendant my photo.  LOL!!! I'm thrilled beyond words!!!

I'm so appreciative and grateful and thankful for the opportunities given to me.  Thank you all involved.   And I just want to say, mum in Himmel, I'm gonna make you proud.