Friday, June 8, 2012

Tower 26 Workout Gerry Rodrigues photos by ©Shiggy GoShiggyGo.Com

Tower 26. Coach Gerry Rodrigues
Start Time. 6am Sharp. Wednesdays. "Be Race Ready."
A photo story about what to expect from your 1st Tower 26 workout
Photos by ©Shiggy Ichinomiya
Over 100 photos below

 (Above: Tower 26 is a friendly, welcoming group. Come by yourself and make new friends.)

 (Above: Damon Lee and Alison De Lucca)
 (Above: Alison De Lucca skipping across the water so gracefully)

 (Above: Alan Berro)

 (Above: Lisa Dordick, Steve Pressman)
 (Above: William)

 (Above: No wetsuits are totally okay!!! Just swim suits are cool for school.  Water temp = 62 degrees plus)

 (Above: Bold and beautiful)
 (Above: All these handsome and beautiful people eager to learn and swim)

 (Above: Tower 26 Coach Gerry)
 (Above: Loop 3)
 (Above: Yes celebrities like Arnold show up too. Ahhhhnald!!!!)

 (Above: Coach Gerry giving advice and guidance on how to read the waves)
 (Above: Lynne Fiedler laughing and having some fun. Yes 6am workouts are fun.)
 (Above: The leaders of today's pack)

 (Above: UCLA Triathlon team representing!!! Libby Bradley)

 (Above: Tower 26 swim cap.) 
 (Above: Coach Gerry at 6am telling the group what warmup exercise to do)
 (Above: Michael Avon having a chat with Monica Morant)
 (Above: The hand of God giving direction to go forth and multiply)
 (Above: Mo Geller getting ready to crush it.)
 (Above: Mo Geller. Leader of the LA Triathlon Club's Saturday 101 Bike ride)
 (Above: Strangers with tattoos helping other strangers with their wetsuits.)
 (Above: 4 minutes run out for a warmup run and 4 minutes back)

 (Above: Coach Gerry talking about the loops and what percentage of effort to give on each loop)
 (Above: it's the beginning of June. It usually doesn't gather this many people until mid-August. Hungry triathletes who wanna be race ready.)

 (Above: Coach Gerry talking about loop guess it... one!!)

 (Above: The start of the swim. Easy swim at your own pace. Swim for 8 or 10 minutes. Look at your watch. Come back in.)

 (Above: This dude on the right is flying.)

 (Above: Damon Lee sporting his LA Triathlon Club uniform)

 (Above: Sherry Winston braves the water with no wetsuit)

 (Above: From the parking lot the ocean looked calm and flat. THAT my friend is a 6 foot face for breakfast)

 (Above: A warmup run is key to getting the blood flowing. Do it always.)
 (Above: Janelle Stark)

 (Above: Mo Geller)

 (Above: How big is this wave? 5-6 feet?)

 (Above: pro triathlete here!!!)

(Lead singer from Kiss: Todd Laree)

 (Above: Bodie Olmos, Alison De Luca, Liz Bell)  

 (Above: Should I stay or should I go?)
 (Above: The clash of questions? Should I stay or should I go?)
(Above: The Moon!!!)

 (Damon Lee finishing up his run)

 (Above: Holy mole, that was a wave)

 (Above: Alan)
 (Above: Tom Hiel in the house)
 (Above: Liz Bell waving to her fan)

 (Above: Happy Liz Bell giving the handsome photographer a wave.)
(Above: WOW, like a bunch of storm troopers about to invade!  Attack the waves.)
 (Above: Nice booties Brian!!!!)
 (Above: YES, that is Santa Monica Pier in the background.)

 (Above: A couple holding hands.)
 (Above: A couple holding hands.)
 (Above: A couple STILL holding hands. lol)

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