Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tara & Waymond's Wedding Reception Party @ the Beverly Hilton Hotel

 Tara & Waymond's Wedding Reception at the ©Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Stardust-Rooftop venue
Photos & Video: Shiggy Ichinomiya  www.GoShiggyGo.Com
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Special thank you to my amazing assistant: Aleksandr (Alex) Romanovich Kats

I love how Tara sums up this entire beautiful evening in the video below by saying:
"This room is so filled with love."  Tara Stephenson-Fong
(scroll down for video)

(Above: I love how the doggies are included in the reception. They are part of the family)

(Above: The ©Daytime Emmy Awards were taking place at the same time. I asked one of the winners if I could take a photo of his trophy and he kindly obliged.)
(The Wedding Reception was located on the TOP floor, the Penthouse floor and the name of the venue was called "Stardust." It overlooks Beverly Hills and Century City.  A stunning, classy and gorgeous venue)


(Above: Sushi---only the best)


(Above Video: Tara & Waymond's Kiss 'n Speech)

(Above: The guests laugh while watching the video of the wedding in Hawaii)

(Above Video: Tara & Waymond's Video of Wedding in Hawaii)

(Above Video: Tara & Waymond's 1st Dance)

(Above: Jarri Schwartz catches the bouquet!!!)

(Above: Great job DJ!!! Thanks for playing some oldies!!)

    (Above: Louis Kwan getting his grove on with Julie Hung!!)

(Amazing planner/coordinator/behind-the-scenes extraordinaire: Corrie!! Great job!!)

(Above: Paiwei Wei getting a lil' bit romantic!)

(Above: Paiwei doing a dip!!)

What an amazing and magical celebration.  I was so thrilled and honored to be contacted and given this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Tara and Waymond

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  1. I love all these photographs. Thanks for sharing. This is a cute couple.