Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Water testing video of LIFEPROOF case with fish and a turtle

Unboxing and Testing my new LIFEPROOF™ Case 
to determine if it's water proof. Video and photos.

I tested the LIFEPROOF Case in my 180 gallon freshwater aquarium.  My aquarium holds a fly-river water turtle, a silver-dollar fish and an orange Parrot fish.

(Below: VIDEO of me testing out the LIFEPROOF in my 180 gallon aquarium)

(Above: The packaging for the LIFEPROOF is very sleek)

 (Above: A closer look of the inside of the box)

(Above: I chose the color orange because I want to use it when I swim in the ocean.)

(Above: I stuck the LIFEPROOF casing under a heavy tree limb that I have submerged in my 180 gallon fresh water aquarium.) 

(Above: My fly-river-water turtle looks on.)

(My orange Parrot fish is looking at the orange case. Perhaps it wants to mate with it!!!)

(Above: Known as the LIFEJACKET, this is the mother of all flotation devices for the iPhone.)

(Above: The side of the LIFEJACKET box)

 (Above: Some feautures of the LIFEPROOF casing)
(Above: 7 reasons to chose the LIFEPROOF)

(Above: cont. 7 reasons to chose the LIFEPROOF.)

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  1. This is a good thing. With the use of lifeproof you can place you iPhone anywhere in the water. I like it.