Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo: Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. Exclusive invite only private party.

This is my second time that I was personally requested and hired to photograph Fergie.  I want to thank Fergie for trusting me to photograph her and capture amazing moments with a very small intimate group of her fabulous family, as well as her fun and glamorous friends, at an exclusive private-invite-only partyAnd a big thank you going out to Jenn the gracious hostess for all YOU do. Please "LIKE" Jenn's Company. Looking Glass Media, Inc.

I'm grateful that Fergie trusts me and she knows that I will not sell the photographs to any agencies like TMZ or People Magazine or various other magazines and news outlets. Trust is everything in this business.  Thank you Fergie and Jenn for trusting me.  

 (Above: Woot woot!!! Fergie signed a bottle of wine for me that came from her Ferguson Crest Winery located in Solvang. The background is a screen capture from Fergie's Official webpage!! Click HERE for Fergie's Offical Web Page )

Thanks Fergie for giving me a bottle of "Fergalicious."  Ferguson Crest is a family-run-boutique winery set at the highest point in Solvang and overlooks the splendor of the Santa Ynez Valley.  (I've gotta visit someday.....soon!!) 

Ferguson Crest Wines include: syrah, cabernet, viognier and Fergalicious.

Below is the Ferguson family crest.  At first glance, it  looks like there is a doggy in the shield (Fergie is a huge dog lover.)

Excerpt taken from the Ferguson Crest web page:
"Take a look at my family crest and you'll find a boar's head, an ancient symbol of hospitality. I can't think of a more perfect way to honor my family's heritage and carry on that tradition of warmth and genorisity than to share with you."  ~~Fergie~~

 Click the link below to find out more about Ferguson Crest.

(Above: Here is an extend-your-arm-take-a-self-portrait photo of Fergie and I.  This was taken in February 2012, which was the first time I was given the opportunity to photograph the beautiful, glamorous and fabulous Fergie at her cousin's baby shower.
In terms of photographing celebrities, Fergie was a photographer's DREAM.  She knows how to model, pose and work the lens.
Photo taken with permission.)

One of my most important values is TRUST.  As a photographer I am privy to many things. I see many personal and very intimate moments and could make a "quick" buck or sometimes "a heck of a lot of money" if I sold those photographs. In addition to photographing weddings, engagements, portraits, lifestyle, fitness, celebrities, products, sports and events, I also  take fine art nude photos and photograph boudoir (women elegantly and stylishly posed and are in various stages of undress)  and get invited to take photos where I sometimes see "more" than I'm supposed to but inevitably do because of the nature of what I do. However, my clients privacy is absolutely paramount to me.

I'm proud of the fact that I don't "show and tell." Clients TRUST me and that is one of the crucial reasons that I get hired again and again and create repeat clients.  I don't even show a girl's "bff" a photo from a photo session because that would be an intrusion into her privacy. 

If you or anyone you know is looking for a photographer, pretty please contact Shiggy with cherries on top (he hee!!!)  :)  

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