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Ironman Lake Tahoe Race Report. Photos + Video. Swim. Bike. Run. YOU are an Ironman. 9/22/13 All Systems Go GoShiggyGo GSG

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Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013 Race Report.
by Shiggy "GoShiggyGo" Ichinomiya

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Bib # 1953 (Same year Cindy Lauper and Hulk Hogan were born.)

Inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe 
September 22nd, 2013
General Entry Fee: $700
2,600 Entries Sold Out in 19 hours!!
1st Full Ironman distance in California since 2001.

1)Swim: 2.4 miles
2)Bike: 112 miles
3)Run: 26.2 miles (a full marathon)
Total Distance: 140.6 smiles!! hehee

Finish Line Cut off: 17 hours (or midnight)
Bike cut off time: 5:30pm

Professional start: 6:30am
Age group start: Rolling swim. According to athlete.

I started around 6:45am

(Above: My 2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe finisher's pose.
Shiggy, YOU are an Ironman.)
(Above VIDEO: "Selfie" video!!
Going down the Finisher's Chute with my camera!!

la, la, la, la, la)


(Above: A quick, yet blurry, photo of my
training buddy, Lake Tahoe roommate, dear and wonderful friend,
Amy Berkin-Chavez.
Here she is taking the plastic bags off her bicycle
seat and handlebars and double-checking her
nutrition that she needs for her long journey ahead.
It rained the night before so we all covered our 
bikes as best we could.
This chick has mental toughness running deep!!!)

(Above: Selfie. Blurry, yet, happy. 
Smiles at the start!!
Taken around 6:15am.)

(Above: I tried to take this without Peter and Kim noticing.
Again sorry about it being blurry. I took it quickly
and the flash takes a mili-second to "flash," and there 
is shutter-lag of a few mili-seconds, which is just enough time
 to make it blurry.
You get the idea though.
Nice Uggs Peter!! hehee
Good people!!)

(Above: Kirsten Bell taking off the plastic bag from 
her bicycle seat. She's a "Betty!!!"
Always smiling and happy.)

(Above: Thank you Michelle Sayre for taking my
photo just prior to the swim start!!
It was great seeing your happy and smiling face.)

(Above. VIDEO. General overview of swim start.)

(Above: Yes, it's dark out at 6:30am.
Sunrise was at 6:43am. Sunset 6:45pm.
Day before the first day of Fall.)

 (Above: Do you see that sign held up high?

Those indicate your predicted swim times.)
(Above: Wow, look at that steam/mist/fog  rising from the lake.)
(Above: Steam rising from the lake.
Almost looks like cloud cover!!
Beautiful snow capped mountains in the background.)

(Above: Packed like sardines. Boys and gals together.
Green caps = men
Pink caps = women)
(Above: Mike "The Voice of Ironman" Reilly on the podium,
wishing everyone a safe race and a great attitude.
He said that you can't control the weather but you CAN
control your attitude about the weather.)

(Above: Getting closer to the swim start.
Time on the clock says 6:45:22)

(Above: Almost to the swim start. This is where
one's timing chip, (attached by velcro to your ankle)  is activated.)

Pre-Race Nutrition:
Cup of coffee. 3/4 of bagel with cream cheese
2 GUs.

SWIM: 2.4 miles 
Start: Kings Beach
This year, the "rolling swim" start was implemented.
Instead of having 2,600 triathletes clobber and hack each other
at the swim start while all trying to get around one little buoy out in the lake or ocean,  it was decided to have a "rolling swim" start.
Less injury. Less anxiety. Less panic.
You go according to  how long you think it will take you to finish the swim.  I thought that I could do it in less than one hour and a half and I placed myself near to the person holding the sign that said 1 hour 21 minutes ~ 1 hour 30 minutes.
My swim time: 1 hour 29 minutes 21 seconds. Nailed it!!

(Above: Look at how misty/foggy/steamy the water is
at the swim start!!  Photo: Leah Graham)
(Above: Y'up, that's how thick the fog/steam/mist was 
at the swim start. Brutal conditions!!
Observe the snow in the background!
Thank you Creighton Wong for taking this photo.)

(Above. VIDEO. Here I am going to the swim start based upon
what I think I would finish the swim.
1 hour 21minute-1 hour 30 minute group.
In the first few seconds of the video you can see 
Mike Reilly waving to the camera.)

(Above. VIDEO. Here I am going from ankle deep water
to waist deep water.  Most people went in slowly to adjust to the cold, and to avoid the rocks below. One of my "new" Ironman friends who I met on the run, broke her middle toe on one of those rocks, yet continued to race!!! Note the steam rising from the water 
and the beautiful SNOW capped mountains in the background.
Water temperature was around 60 degrees.
It felt warmer in the water than it did out in the open air.
Air temperature at the swim start hovered around 30 Degrees. That is capital "C" Cold.)

Some people dolphin dived and charged towards the buoys, however, I moved cautiously forward since there were stones and rocks on the floor of the lake.  It took a good 200-300 feet of walking before you were waist deep.

And then I finished recording video and took the plunge.

Not bad. Not bad. I've experience much colder water.
I took a couple of strokes and about 200 yards into the swim
I almost called it a day. What? DNF at the very start of the race? Why?
There was an ever so slight chop, something you don't experience in a pool, and everytime I would rise up by the force of the swell, I would consume some water.
That caused me to spit the water out and cough.
I coughed, my goggles became foggy, I lost my bearing,
I felt a little out of control, I didn't want to be in this 
water, I worried that a cramp would set in and I would drown.
Stupid things one thinks about when one panics.
However, I knew this soon would pass.

And that "feeling" which it is, just a "feeling" did pass.
DNF? What was I thinking? 

I never hyperventilated, as I did at Ironman Coeur d'Alene,
however, I felt the constriction of a wetsuit surrounding my body, which caused a slight shortness of breath.
I also felt slightly claustrophobic with water everywhere,
no lane buoys that I could grab a hold on in the event of an
emergency and I couldn't get my rhythm.
The sight of a kayaker was a temptation.
Should I quit? Should I continue?
Thoughts like that went through my mind,
and then I managed to calm that inner-beast.
I applied the "3 second" Gerry Rodrigues rule from Tower 26 and did not allow myself to entertain any negative thoughts for over 3 seconds.
So I convinced myself that I WILL finish the swim.
I usually take a breathe every 4 to 5 strokes, but this time
I took one breathe for every stroke.  
It worked and I got into a rhythm.
One stroke at a time.
Keep on swimming!!

My buoy sighting was waaaaaaay way off, as I veered far to the right of the buoy and close to the rescue kayakers.  I should have practiced "sighting" at Tower 26, but, never trained with them, instead, taking photographs.
I was definitely NOT "race ready."

Back to the swim:
The buoys were almost invisible.
Some were completely surrounded by a white cloud
of steam that eerily rose from the lake like in a Sherlock Holmes movie based in London.
As the sun rose, the steam dissipated and it became easier to sight.

(Above: Oh YES I did.  On the second lap, I stopped, took out my
 camera from my wetsuit, and took a few photos from the perspective of a triathlete looking back at the shore.)
The red buoy on the left of the photo is where you made your first left-handed turn on this rectangular, two-lap course.)

(Above: I tried to stay out of the way of other triathletes in order to not impede their forward progress. Wow, it looks like
I'm way off course, relative to where the buoy is.
Beautiful setting with the tall green trees in the background.
Gotta smell the proverbial roses. I did!!)

(Above: Blue skies with light clouds.
What a difference a day can make.

The previous day, it was raining and a light snow carpeted 
the mountains.

Today, the wind was minimal, nevertheless, it was cold.)

(Above: Leah Graham took this photo of me with camera in hand. Right in the middle of this picture. Thanks Leah!!)

(Above VIDEO: I was soooo happy to see Lloyd Taylor, CEO and Owner of Triathlon Lab by the swim start.   I was randomly recording video, pointed it to Mike "the Voice of Ironman) Reilly and there was Lloyd, right near Mike. 
 I saw Lloyd a total of 4 times during the day.
It's always awesome to recognize a face from the crowd.)

(Above: Thanks for the photo Lloyd Taylor 
(CEO of Triathlon Lab.)
Here I am screaming to the crowd "Make Some Noise,"
as I record it with my camera.)

GETTING OUT OF THE WATER Two gals help strip my wetsuit off me.  As soon as that wet wetsuit came off, you could feel an instant chill. Coupled with the fact that you are running barefoot on sand and concrete to the changing tent made it even worse. 

TRANSITION #1. Time to change from wetsuit into dry clothes =
21 minutes and 43 seconds!!
What? 21:43???
Normally you just strip the wetsuit off and bike in your wet bike shorts, however, since it was sooooo cold, the race organizer strongly recommended that we completely dry off and change into our dry bike clothes.
Changing tent----> Packed like sardines.
Like a BBQ: Buns and sausages everywhere!! LOL!!!

Changed successfully and went to the bike
transition area.  Got on bike.

BIKE: 112 miles
2 and 1/3 loops from Kings Beach through
Tahoe City and Truckee. Over the 7,200 foot Brockway Summit
and back around to Squaw Valley under the Olympic flame. 
(The Winter Olympics were held there in 1960.)

1st Loop.
Boy, it took about 45 miles of pedaling on my bike before my feet FINALLY thawed out.
How was the bike ride? Steep.
I'm so glad that I did the Angeles Crest rides with Rory Patrick Sandoval and Amy Berkin-Chavez, because those ascents on Brockway Summit and Martis Camp were no joke!! (Martis camp is on private property. You weren't allowed to train on it prior to the race!! 10-12 percent grade!! Eeek!!)
I violated my "don't go over 30mph on the descents."
I looked at my odomoter and at one point I was over 41 mph.
Once I saw that, I rode my brakes and hovered around 30mph.

Saw Leah Graham on the 1st bike loop. She even took a photo of me. Thanks Leah. Below. Mile 45.
I'm wearing a beanie under my helmet.
Arm warmers. Long fingered bike gloves.
A bike jersey. A wind-breaker is in a small ball in my rear pocket.  I'm also wearing black leg warmers that I purchased the day before.
Great investment because my legs weren't cold.

Nutrition on bike:
Since I wanted mental clarity for my brain, I decided to consume one Red Bull prior to the bike start.
During bike: 6 salt tablets. 5 GUs. 4 aspirin. 2 Tylenol
2 Water Bottle of Carbo-Pro mixed with Gatorade.
One Luna Bar. One Chomp. One PowerBar. One Bonk bar.

RUN: 26.2 Miles (a full marathon)

Don't try something new on race day. Repeat.
Don't try something new on race day!!
What did I do? Tried new shoes on race day.
I didn't want to wear my New Balance shoes because they are "old man" shoes. Clunky. Big.
Boat shoes. The ones President Clinton wore when he returned to "wearing things made in America!!" I was kinda embarrassed wearing them, so I suffered instead!!! Stupid vanity!! 

In order to "look good," we sacrifice our body.
I bought new "trendy" colored shoes. Neon green and boy was that a mistake.
I only ran in them twice for a total of 6 miles and wore them for three consecutive days before the race,
Needless to say, every step I took, my feet screamed in pain.
No cushion in the front, so I felt pain every time I landed my feet on the ground. 

Nutrition on Run:
4 GUs. Water. Sips of Coca-Cola. 4 cups of chicken broth.
2 chomps. 3 GUs. Couple of cups of potato chips. One Bonk Bar.

(Above: Photo taken around mile 1 of the run.
Thank you Gail Gottfried for taking this photo of me!!)

Stop to smell the roses!!
Very picturesque! 

(Above: Running through a private golf resort.
During the day it looks beautiful. However, at night, there were hardly any lights to see one's way ahead. 
Almost tweaked my ankle!!
One lady who passed me when it was dark said: "It's very lonely here." Absolutely right!!! )

(Above: Isn't this setting beautiful. 
Tall trees and a clear, flowing river!!)
(Above: VIDEO. Running along the river.)

(Above: VIDEO. Running along the river.)

(Above: YAY. Guess who I ran into on the run?
Amy Berkin-Chavez.)
(Above: ABC running in summer clothes.
Once the sun went down around 6:45pm, it got really, really cold.
Amy ended up in the med tent because she was chilled to the core.)

The run was hard. Since I had already had a leg cramp on the bikes, I didn't want to further exacerbate it by running beyond my capabilities. I didn't want to run hard for the first 10 miles and then be taken off on a stretcher because my muscles froze.
Around mile 9, I met an ultra runner, Suzanne. We became friends and power-walked on from there.  Suzanne set a very brisk pace. 
Amy had said the night before that it's better to power walk than just walk. That definitely helped me finish. 

Finish before midnight.
Mantra: Finish before midnight.....hmmmm!
Around mile 20, my whole body was frozen. I was shivering.
My friend Lalaine Borja yelled my name and wanted to take a photo of me.
I struggled to smile and continued on. Then I turned back and asked if she had a spare sweat-shirt.
Lalaine looked into her backpack and took out her boyfriend's Ironman Red Long Sleeve technical shirt. I couldn't even put it on, so she helped me put it over my head and even helped me put my fingers through the sleeves.  

Did I want to quit? The temptation crossed my mind for exactly 3 seconds, but I said "NO."

I'm soooooo frickin' close. Just 6 more miles. That's nothing.

My "go to" words flashed across my mind and that was "ALL SYSTEMS GO."
Those were the last words I posted on Facebook before I started this journey called Ironman at 6:45 in the morning.
Go Shiggy Go and All Systems Go put a smile on my face. 
I continued without stopping. 
However, I did stop once in the porta potty and boy, I'm telling you, because of the factthat it was enclosed, I felt like I could just stay in there and warm up. 
Nope. The show must "GO" on!!! All Systems GO!!!
I tried to reverse calculate how long it would take me to get to the finish line. I could knock off 15-20 minute miles and that would give me enough time to make the 12 o'clock midnight cut off.

THEN, I had a moment!!!
An Ironman is 17 hours. If I started at 6:45am and you add 17 hours to it, my finish time would have to be 11:45pm!!
NOT 12 o'clock midnight.
Panic set in. Which was it? Finish by midnight or finish by 11:45.

It was getting close because my pace had decreased to near 20 minute miles.

With two miles left, I had to pick up the pace, however, I didn't have that oomph left in me because my glute muscles were stiff and my feet were in pain. I told my friend Suzanne to go ahead of me. But I couldn't let her go because if I did, I would fall back. I desperately tried to keep up with her. (And yes, she did have a broken toe that she broke on a rock while getting out on the swim.)

I also wanted to finish with my LA Tri Club gear on, however, I was wearing a red long sleeve that Lalaine lent me.

About a quarter mile from the finish line, someone, I don't know who, said that you have less than two minutes to make the cut off. Panic set in.
I saw a group of about 6 people and pointed to one of the ladies to help me take my shirt off. I started to move. Took my headlight off and gave it to the group. Took my hat off so that the shirt would come off. Took the shirt off. Took my bike gloves, so that I could access my camera. Reached into my bike jersey to retrieve the camera. Took the camera out. Had the kind lady put the red shirt in the rear pocket of my LATC bike jersey and started to run towards the finish line.
Turned on the camera and switched it to movie mode.
Made sure it was on.
Headed to the finisher's chute.
And then showtime!!!

"MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!" I said.
The crowd responded with cheers and shouts
And then I heard the "magical" words from
Mike "the Voice of Ironman" Reilly:

I finished. I almost cried.
I was happy. I was relieved. I was cold.
I was tired. I did it. We did it.
My mum would have been proud of my stubborn German persistence and "IRON" will and my dad is probably 
happy because I'm happy.

I had made the midnight cut-off and the official time said
16 hours 48 minutes 22 seconds.
Or so I thought...........

When Amy checked my time she told me my actual "race time," which is different from the clock that is above the finisher's chute.
My time: 16 hours 58 minutes 33 seconds.
I made the cut-off by a mere 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Had I taken one more video on the bike or a couple more photos on the run, I probably would have DNFd.
I also checked my rank.

2,600 entries Sold Out in 19 hours!!

Finishers 1720. I was 1717. Not last but close!!

I remembered the meme "Dead last is better than Did Not Start."
Sure events, weather and some situations are beyond our control.
Most of it is "mental."

Most of the "mental" training was out on the bikes
during training at Angeles Crest.
During the race, even though I was smiling here and there,
I was determined and ON FIRE to finish.
Wouldn't it be nicer to be on the coach eating ice cream?
But I paid for this event. I chose this.
No one made me do this.
And that's the power of one's choice.
And with choice comes responsibility.
You can blame it on the "condition" and whine about things like the weather that you can't control, or you "embrace the suck,"
and go out there. Other people finished. Other people had PRs.
Other people with far greater physical ailments finished.
And so what if you DNFd. There's no shame in that.
Lisa Dordick, with a frame of less than 95 pounds, was
so cold at her first attempt doing Ironman Couer d'Alene
that she didn't finish. But did that stop her?
She put head down, sucked it up and tried, tried again.
She worked hard.
She worked extremely hard.
She hired a coach.
And she whizzed by me like there was no tomorrow.
I admire the tenacity and GRIT that she has.
"Fall seven times, rise up eight," is a Japanese proverb.

I grit my teeth many times when I thought it was tough.
I knew I could endure the physical pain so I took
just one more step. One more "pedal" stroke and one more "swim" stroke. 
Keep on swimming. 
Keep on spinning. 
Keep on running.
Don't stop. Don't stop.
I thought about Nick Ekbatani who I had just met at a Tower 26 workout the Wednesday before the race. He was hit while on his motorcycle by a cab that ran a stop sign. He lost.
He lost his leg BUT he didn't lose the spirit to win.
The spirit to fight on.
The spirit to continue and crawl like a baby into the ocean.
When you see something like that, it puts things into perspective.
Here is a grown man, on hand and knees, getting into the
surf, getting tumbled and tossed around and around by waves that
we with two legs could simply walk over.
You can't buy that type of "will" or "determination."
It takes work. Hard, slow work.
And this dude Nick does it with a huge smile on his face.

"Finishing is winning" as Dan Hendrickson said at the Athletes Banquet just two nights before. (Dan was one of the original 12 Ironman triathletes 35 years ago in 1978.)
Yes, I finished.
I got my monies worth!!!! heheeee!!!

My time: 16 hours 58 minutes 33 seconds.
I made the cut-off by a mere 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Finishers 1720. I was 1717. 

(Above: Thanks Erick Delgado for the screen grab.
Your 1st Ironman is coming up soon!!!)

(Above: Thank you Julie "Marathon Goddess" Weiss 
for the screen grab.)

(Above: Thank you Jenny Alter for this screen grab.)

(Above: Thank you Leonard Imada  for the screen capture.
YOU'LL do this. Too bad you had an accident
or we could have been Ironman Lake Tahoe Finishers together.)

(Above: I gave a lady my camera at the finish line so that she
would take a picture of me!! Yay, for PINK socks!!)

Top five overall Ironman Lake Tahoe 2013
1. Chris McDonald, AUS, 8:55:14
2. Maik Twelsiek, GER, 8:57:53
3. Joe Gambles, AUS, 9:02:55
4. Kirill Kotsegarov, EST, 9:04:39
5. Kevin Taddonio, USA, 9:09:09

1. Asa Lundstrom, SWE, 9:58:53
2. Jeanne Collonge, FRA, 9:59:43
3. Catriona Morrison, GBR, 10:03:38
4. Elizabeth Lyles, USA, 10:08:41

5. Angela Naeth, CAN, 10:10:47

Can one do an Ironman with just the training below?

1) RUN: 
Did only six, 3 mile runs in six weeks.
Basically I ran 3 miles once a week for 6 weeks.

Longest run of year = 5 miles
My plantars fascitis was coming back and I had a hard time running in the last two months. 

2) SWIM:
 3 ocean swims. 2 were out to the buoy on a stand-up paddle-board taking photos and the other was a swim to the buoy again, taking photos. Oh yes, a New Year's Eve dip in the ocean will make it 4 ocean swims this year.
About 10-14 Santa Monica pool swims. 

3) BIKE:
50 mile bike ride
100 mile bike ride.
18 mile bike ride
55 mile bike ride
90 mile bike ride
103 mile bike ride
No trainer sessions or spin classes. 

Shout-Outs & Thanks You to:

Patti Paul + Liv Holmberg. These two amazing gals rekindled my desire to recommit to doing IM Lake Tahoe. Patti and Liv invited me over to dinner in June (just 3 months prior to the race) and we were talking about why I wasn't going to do IMLT. During our conversation something clicked. The fire got ignited. And I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a journey to discover a land of "magic."  So I can't thank Patti and Liv enough for getting me to the starting line.

Nathan "the babysitter" Oviedo.  Thank you again and again for looking after Cali-blu (blue-nose blue-coat pit bull,) Mikan (my tabby cat,) my silver-dollar fish (no name) and my fly-river-water turtle. YOU are the best baby sitter ever!! Thank you. Cali loves you and so does Mikan.

Amy Berkin-Chavez, aka ABC. Thank you for being such an incredible training partner who pushed me to my limit.  You are an incredible roommate in the Crown Hotel (just 500 yards from the swim start), organizer, planner, enforcer, and such fun to be around.  We had some great times on the bikes going up Angeles Crest, riding up to Oxnard and on our swims at Santa Monica Swim Center.

Angel Chavez. Thank you for driving us (Amy and I) all the way up to Lake Tahoe and back. What incredible patience, kindness and selflessness you have.  I even thought about stuff we talked about during the run section of the Ironman. Breathe through your nose and it will oxogenate your entire body. True words!! And thanks for collecting my bike and bags after the race.

Rory Patrick Sandoval. Thank you for being such an amazing support and "SAG" team.  You helped pull me up  Angeles Crest and brought me water, Cokes, ice, helped change my flat tire, made yummy sandwiches and so much more. And you took photos to document this journey!! 

Lloyd Taylor.  Thank you for being a great and caring friend. It was like a ray of light when I saw you after swimming 2.4 miles.  

Coach Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26. Even though I never "swam" with the group-per-se, I learned valuable information, just be listening when I was taking photos. I learned two rules. 1) The three second rule of never letting a negative thought take hold and grip you for more than 3 seconds and 2) the BIG one. Do NOT DNF (Did not finish.) In other words complete the race. Apart from illness, health issues or you are simply having a bad day, never, never, ever, "DNF" a race.  If you are slow and are stopped by race officials that is one thing. But giving up because of some "mental block" that one has,  is an excuse that is bound to be repeated and become a habit. A nasty habit.  Most "mental blocks" and fears and the like can be overcome. How? Practice. Where? In practice. You practice overcoming your doubts, fears, and pain threshold by attending swim/bike/run practices so that one can become "race ready."    All the people, YES emphasis on ALL who attended the Tower 26 weekly swim practices and who did Ironman Lake Tahoe completed and finished the race. That's 13 people out of 13 who finished and did not "DNF!!" That's a 100% success rate!! An A plus baby!!  Way to go Coach!!
Coincidence that everyone made the cut off? Or great coaching? Not just swim coaching and stroke technique but something even more significant and that is "mental" coaching. 

Sorry if I missed anyone. Here are Tower 26 members (full or affiliate) who finished IMLT. 
1)Debbie Sullivan 2)Chris Wright 3) Jeff Gust 4) Lisa Dordick 5) Tony Nuccio 6) Peter Brantley 7) Holger Beckmann, 8) Mo Geller, 9)Bodie Olmos 10) Renee Houser 11)Austin Barker 12)Rikako Takei 13)Shiggy Ichinomiya

1)You lost time because of poor sighting? Gerry teaches you that.
2)You lost time because you hesitated going around the buoy? Gerry teaches you how to aggressively go around the buoy.

3)You lost time because your mind was full of negative thoughts on how cold the temperature was? Gerry teaches you the "3 second rule."
4)You lost time because you planted the seed somewhere in your mind that you could not finish? Gerry teaches you NOT to DNF.

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A big shout and thank you to all the people who tracked and followed me throughout the weeks and days leading up to this event.  Thanks for the over 450 Facebook "likes." (below pic)  Wow!!

 (Above: IM Lake Tahoe 2013 Finisher's Medal.
Part of this medal belongs to everyone who participated directly and indirectly in this incredible journey called an Ironman.)

(Above: VIDEO. Screen video capture by Erick Delgado. Thank you very much for waiting until
nearly midnight to watch me finish!!)

(Above: VIDEO. "Selfie" going through the last 
100 yards of the finisher's chute.)



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  1. Thanks, Shiggy, for breaking down the experience one video/photo at a time. If I'd shut myself in the freezer to read your blog, I could have been beside you all the way . .

  2. Awesome report. Congrats Shiggy!!