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Hi guys, I attended an amazing one-day photography workshop that was hosted by Jasin Boland (flew in from Australia)
and sponsored by BlackRapid in
Seattle, Washington.

We met at BlackRapid's HQ in Seattle, WA on a street with
a fun name, Aloha Street.  Love that!!!

Jasin Boland, is an Australian-based motion picture stills photogarpher who has worked on such films as The Matrix, Ghost Rider, Mission Impossible, and The Bourne Supremacy.  Jasin's work has been published in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and movie posters all around the world. (Excerpt from his website.)

Jasin Boland's Website:  www.JasinBoland.Com

BlackRapid: www.BlackRapid.Com
(created the Original Camera Sling.)

Follow BlackRapid on Facebook: BlackRapidStrap
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(Above: Man on FIRE!!!!!)

(Above: I posted the above shot on my Instagram page.)

(Above: Video of Jasin saying "GoShiggyGo.")

(Above: Jasin talking about the movies that he photographed
at the BlackRapid Studios in Seattle.)

(Above: Black smoke, a by-product of combustion,
 trails the stuntman!! Ouch!!) 

(Above: Ron Henry---BlackRapid's CEO/Founder.

I love how Ron doesn't even flinch as a bottle

is being smashed on the side of his head.
The shards of glass are creating a "Matrix" effect!!)

Check out the photo below and you'll see
a shard of glass stuck in Ron's Ray Bans.)

(Above: Ron Henry, doesn't blink an eye as a bottle is 
smashed over his skull.)

(Above: Susie Nisco (Media Communications at BlackRapid), Jasin Boland and Ron!!
Ron and Jasin first met in Santa Monica, CA!!!) 

(Above: Ouch!! That hurts!!!) 

(Above: Jasin is explaining safety procedures to the 
workshop participants.
Brando, Jasin's brother-in-law, is recording video!!!) 
(Above: A karate kid like move. Haaaaaa yahhhh!!!!) 

(Above: The guy's skull was cracked open. Blood gushed out.
Paramedics were called. He was medi-vaced to the nearest 
trauma hospital.  The End.)

(Above: We have a jumper!!!)

(Below: From BlackRapid's Facebook Page.) 

NEW PODCAST - Jasin Boland
Want to learn more about the fascinating life of movie stills photographer Jasin Boland? This is the guy who shot the poster images for The Matrix, Bourne Supremacy, and Mission Impossible 2! His techniques, story, and philosophy.

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(Above: Sleek, stylish and elegant BlackRapid bag!!
Nice  Porsche too!!)

(Above: Shiggy the tourist!! haahaa!!  My new friend, Jacob Bossler, whom I met at the workshop, gave me a tour of Seattle and took me to this splendid and spectacular location.  Thank you Jacob!! Good people.
Note the snow-capped Mt. Rainer on the right side of the photo
way back in the distance. Glorious.
What a stellar workshop!!
I'm so grateful that I went.
(Above: A selfie!!!)

Thank you Jasin, Ron, Susie Nisco (thank you for the ride, the coffee, the Yeti Strap, the emails,)  all the staff behind the scenes including Nancy Riemer and Alex Sosa for helping me fine tune the Yeti strap, the stunt crew, and all my new friends.

Special shout out to Jacob,
Anita Nowacka: Anita Nowacka Photography on Facebook
Anita is an amazing family photographer in Seattle. 
Check out her website: FamilySeattlePhotographer
Anita's website: www.anitanowacka.com
Rainee Lee Tubbs

Below: Video of Jasin saying "GoShiggyGo"

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