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GSG Pics

PHOTOGRAPHER: Shiggy Ichinomiya of GSG Photography
Website: www.GoShiggyGo.Com Click on HERE for website

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Tower 26
Time: 6am Sharp, like Cheddar Cheese.
Session #8
July 3rd, 2013
Motto: "Be Race Ready."
Tower 26 Website: www.Tower26.Com
Tower 26 on Facebook: Tower 26 on FB

Orange Buoy Pics
 (Above: Calm before the storm.)
 (Above: I see them.)
 (Above: Here they come.)
 (Above: First one around the buoy is.....)
 (Above: A guy......or.....)
 (Above: .......a gal?)
(Above: The suspense is killing me.....) 
 (Above: Look up...)
 (Above: The first one around the buoy is...)
 (Above:  A gal. It's a girl. Out-chicked you guys!!!)

 (Above: Emma-Kate Lidbury)

(Above: Peek-a-boo!) 

(Above: Go George!!) 
(Above: Go George Boy!!) 
 (Above: Go Boy George!!)

 (Above: I love how the four, yes, FOUR, swimmers
 on top right have their arms all synchronized!)

 (Above: STAMPEDE!!)

 (Above: One of my favorite photos from the session 8.)
A wall of water is being formed by the swimmer's arm in the foreground, 
and just a little hole is created where you can see the 
face of the next swimmer. Tack sharp eyes and goggles.)

(Above: Go Ironman Stacy Stern GO!!) 

 (Above: Do you see what I see?)
 (Above: SHARK! SHARK!!)
 (Above: Oh, it's just Jeff Gust!!)
(Above: Hi Happy Jeff!!) 

 (Above: GO Derek GO!!)

 (Above: Wayne Fong, Lawrence Fong's dad in action.)

 (Above: Selfie!!)
 (Above: Look at that seaweed cluster around the buoy!!)
Just add salad dressing!!!

 (Above: Go Dawn!!)
 (Above: Go Ironman Coeur d'Alene Finisher Dawn, Go!!)

 (Above: Hi Stephen Harris. Top left.)

 (Above: Jennifer Tetrick going around the buoy.)

(Above: Go Libby Bradley Go!) 
 (Above: Go Libby Bradley Go!)

 (Above: Go Libby Go! Nice smile!)

 (Above: Eric getting some air.)

 (Above: Go Lara Drew GO!!)

 (Above: Wasssup Baker?)

 (Above: Up close and personal!!)

 (Above: Mr Wayne Fong!!)

 (Above: Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda!)

(Above: Wassup Adrian Valdivieso?) 

 (Above: Hi Tom!!)
 (Above: Tom Hiel with perfect attendance at Tower 26)

 (Above: Heather Shenkman giving me a little wave!!)

 (Above: Emma-Kate Lidbury getting some major AIR. 
Houston, we have lift off!!)

 (Above: Todd Larlee rounds the buoy.)
 (Above: Coach Todd Larlee making a SPLASH around the buoy.)
 (Above: Guess who?)
(Above: That's Lisa Dordick.)

 (Above: Beautiful Alison De Lucca drops by to say "hi."

(Above: Selfie in the swimming pool. LOL!!)

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(Above: With Tom Cruise.  
Maybe he'll do a triathlon.
Next time I see him, I'll ask!!!)

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