Monday, September 9, 2013

PÜR PAK, Macca, Chris McCormack, Exclusive VIP Party, Sponsor, Photos: GoShiggyGo GSGPICS Shiggy Ichinomiya

Exclusive PÜR PAK VIP party for Chris "Macca" McCormack in the McPherson Residence
Pacific Palisades

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
Website: GoShiggyGo.Com

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Thank you PÜR PAK for the invitation. It was sooo much fun!!

(Above: Group photo!!
Steve and Jen, y'all have a gorgeous house.
WOW, wow, WOW!!)

 (Above: Bernard, Gina, Macca and Steve.)

 (Above: I love capturing candid moments.
Macca saying something funny to Steve!!) 

 (Above: Thumbs up and big smiles!!)

(Above: Beautiful Dawn and Macca)

 (Above: Steve and "Irongirl" Nadia Ruiz Gonzales)
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 (Above: When taking photos, I love to work as many different angles as possible without the subjects knowing that I'm there. 
High. Low. Over the top. From behind From the front.
Stealth. Ninja. Sniper!!!)
(Above: Pulled back at a different angle.)

(Above: Get the hand-written PÜR PAK sign in the camera's frame, scope out a different angle, this time from the front, and take a photo.  Bam. 
Telling a story is what its all about.)

 (Above: PÜR PAK sponsored athlete, Nadia Ruiz Gonzales took 
this photo of me.
Since somebody took the effort to hand-write the PÜR PAK
sign, I really wanted Macca to hold it up. It's good for branding too. (And I looooooove branding and marketing!!)
 So I lifted the sign from the stand and was going to give it to Macca, when Nadia took this candid photo of me. hehee!! Thank you Nadia.)

(Above: Macca holding the PÜR PAK welcomes Macca sign. Bam!!!)
 (Above: Steve McPherson and Chris "Macca" McCormack.)

(Above: Steve McPherson, Macca and Gina Bersentes Baski)

 (Above: Macca and Steve Kern.)

 (Above: Scott Fairchild, Kristy-Lee Lorraway, and
 Paul "bee keeper" Hekimian
 (Above: Sylvia, Jennifer La Corte and.......)
 (Above: David Bernstein, Gina and.....)

(Above: Macca with the founder and President of LA Tri Club, Paul Hekimian.)
 (Above: Gotta thank Nadia for taking this "behind the scenes" photo.
Thanks Nadia.)
 (Above: Rachel, wow, I met her doing one of my 
first ever triathlons in 2007 (???)
Strawberry Fields Triathlon. She had a doggie, 
I think named Stella.
Lenny Mayzel podiumed at Malibu Triathlon. YAY!!
Kristin Espinosa. Thank you for all that you do.)
 (Above: Eric Tozer flew back home to LA all the way from doing the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Tahoe earlier in the day, 
 just for the party!!)
 (Above: Third from left, Jacyln Embry, drove down from doing National Guard duty in Santa Barbara earlier in the late afternoon, via her home in Thousand Oaks to be at tonight's amazing party.
Jaclyn's doing Ironman Lake Tahoe on September 22nd!!)
 (Above: What's that on Zac's neck?
Hint. You get it from not wearing protection, 
such as Body Glide, around your neck
when swimming in a wetsuit!!! Can you say CHAFFING!!!! Eeek!!)

(VIDEO Above: Macca's Tips for doing YOUR First Ironman.
I recorded this at a Triathlon Lab sponsored event a couple of years ago.  Bob Babbitt, Founder of CAF (Challenged Athtlete Foundation) and monthly writer (back page) of Triathlete Magazine, along with  Simon Gowen, are in this video, interviewing Maccalicious!!! )

(VIDEO Above: Macca saying..........take a guess..........heheee!!!)

(Above: YAY. Fun,  Joy & Candid Laughter!!!)

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