Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jen and Jim's Engagement Photography Session. Laguna Beach. Sneak peek! GoShiggyGo Photographer

It's serendipity on how we all met. (Read story below!!)

Thrilled and blessed to be able to capture Jen and Jim's Engagement Photographs in Laguna Beach.

April 2014.

Jim proposed to Jen after qualifying for the 2013 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. How romantic!!! 

Photographs captured by Shiggy Ichinomiya
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(Above: What an amazing couple!!!
I absolutely love Jen's "I'm in LOVE" expression!!!
Very feminine. Very graceful.)

 (Above: Jim, Jen and Meyer (Jen's amazing son!!) 

(Above: Happy, bright, and smiling eyes!!) 

(Above:  Like a commercial or advertisement 
for a magazine.) 

(Above: BIG hugs. XOXO!!!) 

The Back Story on how we all met....y'up in Kona, Hawaii!!

Kona, Hawaii during the Ironman World Championship is a relatively small mecca of world class triathletes and world class people.  You know how you see people, over and over again, well I saw Jen and Jim several times and officially met them when I walked into a hair salon to get my "do" did!! hahaaa!!! They were getting mani-pedis!!!  Y'up, we met in a hair & nail salon of all places!!! 

 (Above: Close to 2,000 people participating in the Kona Ironman World Championship and bam, there I see Jim!!
Here's Jim done with the 2.4 swim portion of the triathlon.)

 (Above: Jim on the first half of the 26.2 mile run 
wearing his Boston Strong Jersey.)
 (Above: Jim at around the 24 mile mark. Look at those GUNS!!!
Happy as a clam!!!) 
(Above: Jim with his Cervelo!!)

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