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Blue Bicycles Ironman Official Bike Course Sponsor RideBlue Team Red, White and Blue

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya of GoShiggyGo Photography

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Blue Bicycles is the
Official Bike Course Sponsor of
the 2014 Ironman World Championship
Blue Bicycles Website:
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Hashtag is #rideblue

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Wanna be an ambassador or seek sponsorship with Blue Bicycles?
Contact: Steve at www.RideBlue.Com

(Above: Blue Bicycles is the 2014 Official
Bike Course Sponsor of the
Ironman World Championship.)

(Above: VIDEO of Blue Bicycles in Kona.)

(Above: Press release for Blue Bicycles.)

(Above: Ed Ignacio, a Federal
Law Enforcement Agent

talks about doing the run portion of the Ironman,
in over 40 pounds of tactical gear and a vest!!
Video by Patrick Evoe.)

(Above: Saw this on Lisa Kubota's Facebook page.
I'm not sure who took the photo. Sorry.)

(Above: The always happy and cheerful Mayor 
of Hawaii, Billy Kenoi, giving a GoShiggyGo Shout-Out!!)

(Above: Thanks Billy for favoriting my Tweet!! Yay!!)

(Above: An emotional video of the Mayor of Hawaii,
riding Blue Bicycles and finishing the Kona Ironman
World Championship!!)

Expo. Interviews. Photo Shoots.

Wednesday, October 8th 2014
(Above: Pro triathlete, Patrick Evoe.
Here is his website:
Follow Patrick Evoe on Twitter:

(Above: Here is Patrick on Blue Bicycles Website's "splash page."
Patrick is seen here with his Blue Bicycle in the heart of the 
black lava fields in Kona.)

(Above: Steve with team RWB Athlete, Brad Williams.)

(Above: Steve with FBI agent, Ed Ignacio.)

(Above: A happy Blue riding customer.)

(Above: Amazing photographer Nick Morales from Minnesota with
Patrick Evoe from Colorado.)

(Above: Billy Kenoi, the Mayor of Hawaii with
Patrick Evoe, the Mayor Of Pizza!)

(Above: Kona qualified triathlete with his Blue Bicycle.)

(Above: Patrick Evoe recording some video of Billy Kenoi,
the Mayor of Hawaii. Interview in the video below.)

(Above: VIDEO of Patrick Evoe interviewing,
 the Mayor of Hawaii.)

(Above: Steve Harad with Billy Kenoi, the Mayor of Hawaii.
Billy rode his Blue Bicycle in 

the Kona Ironman World Championship.)

(Above: Blue Bicycles representing at the Kona Ironman Expo.)

(Above: Pro triathlete Paul Matthews about to give an 
interview on the radio.)

(Above: From left. Paul Matthews. Steve Harad. Eric Gilsenan (another huge voice behind many of the Ironmans and Escape from Alcatraz!!) Patrick Evoe.)

(Above: You know it's Wednesday in Kona. How do you know?
The BIG ship in the background brings visitors and tourists to Kona

every Wednesday during the season!!)

(Above: Paul "Barney" Matthews makes Steve laugh!!)

Expo.  Team RWB Shoot. Interview.
Thursday, October 9th 2014

(Above: Y'up, went to the ABC Store and found this...
Big Blue soda!!)

(Above: I frickin' loooooooooove this bike.
LOOK at the red, white and blue color combination.
AND the stars on the forks!!!! Swoon.)

(Above: Matching red Speedfil hydration system on
the Blue Bicycle.)

(Above: Team RWB's "It's Our Turn."

(Above: US Army in the house!! Westpoint Grad!!
Iraq Veteran!!!
Jessica Jones Meyers representing Team RWB.
Here is Team RWB's Website:
Team RWB Facebook page:  Click HERE

Team RWB Twitter: Click HERE
Team RWB Triathlon FB page: Click on HERE
Team RWB Triathlon on Twitter: Click right HERE

(Above: Steve and Debby!
Way to represent with the Blue Bicycles T-Shirts)

(Above: Click for Video!!)

(Above Team RWB Athlete Brad Williams with the
Limited Edition Team TWB Triad SLR Shimano Di2.)

(Above: Brad Williams on the splash page of 
Blue Bicycles website.)

(Above: A random fan with a purple VIP wrist band takes a
 photo of the beast.)

MUST SEE--Check out the Team RWB video below:
Click HERE for Blue Bicycles Team RWB Custom Bike Launch

Bike-Check In
Friday, October 10th 2014

(Above: This is Ed!!!
Ed Ignacio in the house at the bike check-in!!
Ed did the run, yes, 26.2 miles, in 

40 pounds of tactical SWAT gear.
Hawaii in the ONLY state without a memorial for fallen officers.
Ed wants to raise money benefiting
The Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation.

Here's another video: Click on HERE

Rudy Project has collaborated with Ed. Click on link below:

Here's a direct link to Ed Ignacio's Fundraiser:

(Above: Pro triathlete Paul Matthews checks in his Blue Bicycle.
Here is Paul's Twitter:
Here is a video of Paul getting interviewed by TriRig

right before bike check-in: Click on HERE)

(Above: David,  Co-Founder/Owner of Speedfil
Inviscid Design, Inc.
Here's Speedfil's Website: Click on HERE xoxo
Here is Speedfil's Facebook: Click on HERE

Here's Speedfil's Twitter: Click RIGHT here )

(Above: A couple of items that Speedfil brought with them to 
the Kona expo.)

(Above: As Patrick and I were walking from the photo shoot, we came across this depression, this crater, this sunken hole. 
I jumped into it, and shot from below.
 Notice the craggly lava formation jutting out!!
"Giant steps are what you take,
walking on the moon." 
Wow! Never thought
I'd write some lyrics from The Police in my blog.)

(Above: There is an inside story to this photo.
I was lying flat with my chest on the ground taking photos.

Patrick goes by me. He sees three cars tap their brakes
indicating they wanted to stop.
One car does.
The two occupants get out of their car and run towards me!!
(I'm oblivious to this because I'm facing the other way---on the ground.)
I get myself up, turn around and look towards Patrick.
In the distance I can see him waving off two people

in a rest-assuredly manner. Patrick then tells me 
that the couple stopped on the Queen K and got out of their car 
thinking that I was hit and crumpled to the ground.
Wow! How kind and thoughtful.
Thank you for checking!!)

Race Day is Here. The Big Dance. Shall we..
Saturday, October 11th 2014
(Above: Blue signange leading a couple of hundred yards, from the Bike Transition all the way up to the first main turn and
the foot of the media tent/finisher's chute area.)

(Above: There goes Paul Matthews on his Blue Bicycle.)

(Above: Blue Bicycles logos atop the bike start transition chute.)

(Above: Y'up, all shakas baby!!
Billy Kenoi, the Mayor of Hawaii in the house!)

(Above: Billy Kenoi, the Mayor of Hawaii
gets on his Blue Bicycle during the 
Kona Ironman World Championship.)
(Above: Ed Ignacio, FBI agent and raring to get some.)

(Above: Not sure who this is. A Blue Bicycle rider!!)

(Above: Back lit by the power and strong sun, the Blue signage is 
just barely visible.)

(Above: Blue Bicycle Signage right to the Finisher's Chute/Media Platform.)

(Above: Random sign. Random porta-potty!! Power of Blue.)

(Above: Here comes Pro Triathlete Paul Matthews on a Blue Bicycle
with the Black lava fields behind him.)
(Above: Paul Matthews on the bike course.)

(Above: I kinda like this picture.
Patrick looks as though he is scaling a steep mountain.
He looks like he's on the moon.
Or in a wasteland of black lava!!) 

(Above: VIDEO of Blue Bicycles, the Official Bike Course
 Sponsor of Kona Ironman World Championship.)

Shiggy is a Los Angeles based and 
internationally published photographer.

Shiggy is available for destination photo shoots
all over the World.
He is trilingual and speaks, English, Japanese and German.

He is available for Weddings,  Engagements,
Corporate Portraits and Headshots.
Private VIP events. Commercial and Editorial Shoots.

Shiggy likes dogs and cats.
He wants to and WILL qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Shiggy has finished two Ironman events:
Ironman Coeur d'Alene and Ironman Lake Tahoe.
Please contact Shiggy for availability, rates and
any questions. Absolutely any!!! He's here for you!!!!

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