Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Photographer: @Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah)
of GoShiggyGo Photography

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Thank you Lara & David Aktary and doggie Blue
(Above: One of my favorite photographs: 
Surprise!!!  And laughter!!
Capturing moments when couples laugh and smile, 
truly and deeply makes my heart sing!!!)

 I entered a photo in an Instagram contest for the tripod/monopod company----MeFoto™ and it WON!!!!!
Below a screen shot from the MeFoto blog:

Here is MeFoto's FB page-->> is MeFoto on Twitter--->>

 (Above: Thank you friends on Facebook
for all the "likes" and amazing comments.
Gotta hand it to Lara and David for 
holding that kiss!!!)

(Above: Black & White Photograph to give it a timeless, classic
and eternal feeling.)

(Above: I didn't tell Lara and David that the wave was coming.
What color are Lara's toenails!!
Y'up, that's details baby.
Where sand meets surf!!)

(Above: I absolutely LOVE how they didn't even flinch 
during their kiss.)

(Above: Enveloped by the wave. The couple, soooooo deeply engaged in a kiss, didn't even flinch!!!!
Right when the wave hit  and crested, I had to raise my camera as

 high as possible, to avoid getting drenched.  I didn't want my 24-70mm lens to get soaked.
My Fire Academy Instructor always said:
 "High Risk. High Reward.
I had to go for the shot and take a risk, knowing that my camera and gear could have become water damaged.
The reward........HIGH!!!!! )

(Below: Lara wanted to be a part of my
"LAX Sign Project"
 by GSG. 
So we went to the LAX to make it happen.)

(Above: Lovebirds!!)

(Above: Created a GIF of the plane roaring directly overhead.
What a thrill!!) 

(Above: I loooove isolating the subject in the mid-to-lower right hand side of the photo.)

(Above: WHAT a gorgeous dress!! Pre-trashed!!!)

(Above: As a doggie lover myself, I'm always more than happy to includethe family doggie in the picture. Go Blue Go!!! Cutie!)

(Above: Doing a cheerleader move here.
(Above: Fearlessly running full speed into the ocean.)

(Above: Seeing people smile and laugh,
makes my heart sing!!!)

(Above: Harlequin Romance Novels, here is the couple for ya!)
(Above: Wow, take it off!!)

Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah!!)
Shiggy is a Los Angeles based Wedding, Engagement and
"Trash the Dress" Photographer.
Available for international bookings.
Please contact Shiggy for availability, rates and
any questions:
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(Above: Wedding in Laguna Beach)

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(Above: A present of Boudoir photographs for a
military wife's husband.)

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