Wednesday, November 13, 2019

How to Bake Real German Pretzels No experience.While In Munich. Shiggy ...

How to Bake Real German Pretzels from Scratch in Munich. AirBnB Experiences.

Instead of staying at your hotel or going to the bar, why not learn something new.....with locals. Not only can you take an AirBnB Experience in your very own neighborhood, you can also take a class or workshop in the area that you are visiting, both at home or abroad. Why not? You can learn something, make new friends, expand your horizons, and have fun at the same time. Yes yes yes.
Sign me up!!!!

I want to thank Robinson and his family for his AMAZING Pretzel making and baking class. I learned so much and had a wonderful and delicious experience. Unforgettable.

I'll be uploading videos on my Silver ring making class that I did in London, England, as well as other upcoming challenges. Stay tuned you guys.

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