Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mounting and attaching the GoPole to the GoPro. Video . Attaching the GoPro to the GoPole.

This morning I wanted to use the GoPole with my GoPro to shoot triathletes at Tower 26 in Santa Monica.  (I purchased the 36 inch long (3 feet) GoPole from Hollywood Divers (Click HERE for Hollywood Divers Website.) near Universal Studios.)  At 5:30 am I was about to leave my house to get to the beach by 6am, however my departure was delayed. Grrrrr!! Instead of winging it the day of, I should have prepared a little earlier, the night of.

I thought it would be very simple to mount and attach to my GoPro so I didn't give it much thought.  I ripped open the GoPole out of the long 36 inch plastic sleeve and then took the "bolt" out of the GoPro plastic mount and inserted it through the holes of the GoPro and GoPole.

Immediately, I thought to myself, "there has got to be a defect.  The bolt isn't long enough for the nut to grip onto.   I tried different configurations and.....nothing.  I even went through my other accessories (bike seat mount etc) and all the bolts were the same size.  WHERE ARE THE NUTS?  The nut that is attached to the supplied GoPro plastic mount "looks" and I quote "looks" like it is glued onto the mount.

Little did I know that if you take some pliers and give it a little yank that the bolt comes off. At 5:45 I finally figured it out.  Inside the black end of the bolt is a slight groove, an indentation, a recessed area if you will. The nut fits tightly into this area and simply requires the bolt to screw into it and away you go!!!

Video below. Mounting and attaching the GoPole to the GoPro.

VIDEO below of Nick Woodman, the Founder and CEO of GoPro  saying GoShiggyGo
(Above: Video of GoPro Founder/CEO saying Go Shiggy Go)

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