Saturday, September 22, 2012

LIFEPROOF® at Interbike. Photos by ©Shiggy Ichinomiya GoShiggyGo

LIFEPROOF® at Interbike--Las Vegas
Photos: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya  GoShiggyGo

Special Shout Out to Angel King:  Click HERE for Angel's Website

Super Special Shout Out to Lloyd Taylor from Triathlon Lab: Click HERE for Triathlon Lab's Website

LIFEPROOF® Website: Click HERE for LIFEPROOF's Website

Interbike's Website: Click HERE for Interbike's Website

What is Interbike? (from website) The largest annual gathering of the bike industry in North America
Interbike is the premier cycling trade event in North America with more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands - a one stop opportunity to connect with the entire industry, discover emerging trends and learn new business ideas at Interbike University. Pick your passion and find your people. From BMX to Triathlon, to OutDoor Demo and beyond. Interbike is more than just about the companies attending, it's about the company you'll be keeping. And it only happens once a year. Come for the Culture, Stay for the Show.     

(Angi Greene (Model, Triathlete, Mom) , Ed Andrew (LIFESPORT COO), Angel King (LIFESPORT Director of Events),  Lloyd Taylor (Triathlon Lab Owner) Arlynd Fletcher (Model, Triathlete)

(Above: Ice, ice baby!!)

 (Above: Swim time!!)

 (Above: LIFEPROOF in GREEN!!)

 (Above: Aloha!!!)

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