Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo Shoot. Model: Jay Moore. Lost TV theme. Shiggy Ichinomiya GoShiggyGo.Com LA based photographer

Model: Jay Moore
Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya

 {{{{ Shiggy Ichinomiya is a Los Angeles based Photographer specializing in advertising and commercial work, including wedding, engagement, boudoir, family, executive portraiture, sports, editorial actor's headshots, celebrity portraits, event, corporate and executive photography.
YOUR image is everything. Period. 
 Published Author. Teacher. GSG Challenge Founder. Triathlete. Dog Lover!
"For a professional by a professional."
Photography with heart. Photography with a smile.}}}

A regular portrait photo shoot transpired magestically into a photo shoot inspired by the hit TV show "Lost." 

"Break on through to the other side........" Jim Morrison

(Above: Jay proceeds cautiously to the land of the unknown.)

(Above: Jay is "LOST" in the thick undergrowth and dense vegetation.)

(Above: Jay getting entwined by the heavy foliage.)

(Above: Fight or flight.
Jay is prepared to take on any challenge.)

(Above: Jay shrugs. Don't mess with me!!
I'm an ultra runner.

(Above: So boys, you run 10Ks? 
Half marathons?   
Full 26.2 mile marathons?
OMG that's sooooo cute!!! You boys are so adorabubble!!!

I do ultra marathons and run 100 milers by the time you wake up.) 

 (Above: Break on through to the other side.)


Below Click Video

Above Click Video

(Above: Whoops. Wardrobe malfunction!!)

(Above: Jay's smile for miles!!!)

 (Above: Jay survives the jungles and deep undergrowth all beautifully intact....with pink nails left unscathed.)

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