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My photos on Los Angeles County's Ad Campaign. Be Ready LA. BeReadyLA.Org

WOW, I'm soooooooooo excited. My photos of two female actors are being used for  the County of Los Angeles Public Health's website----->>>Be Ready LA. Org
Website: BeReadyLA.Org
Twitter: bereadyla

Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya
Website: GoShiggyGo.Com
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(Above: When you go to BeReadyLA.Org's webpage,  
a pop up appears and VOILA
right smack in the middle of the ad 
are the two female actors that I photographed. 
I photographed the ladies separately.  
They actors were pretending to look over 
the shoulder of an imaginary man holding a book. 
Great acting ladies!!!  
The photo is a composite and made into an illustration.)

(Above: On the website of Be Ready LA. Org, if you click on
 the orange "Plan together" button, it takes you to this illustration.)

(Above: Being prepared for an emergency begins with "Hello."
"Hello" is it me you're looking for? hehee!!!)

(Above: Be Ready LA or as Facebook has them write it as one word Bereadyla has my photo as their cover photo!!! YAY!!
Looks like I have one message in my inbox!!! hahaaa) 

(Above: A screen shot of "Be Ready LA" campaign on

Emergency Preparedness and Response Program on the

County of Los Angeles Public Health Website.

Here is a little "behind the scenes" story of how I was hired and commissioned to take these photos

WOW WOW WOW. Things happen super fast here in Los Angeles.

On a Friday I was asked by my client to look for two models to photograph for a campaign so I posted an impromptu model search on my Facebook page. With over 2,000 Facebook "friends" I thought that someone may know someone who fit the description of the models  (in the photo below) that I was looking for. Unfortunately to no avail.

(Above: This is the  photo illustration of the two female models that I was looking for. It served as a basic guideline of how the models were to look like.  I posted this "model search" on my Facebook page.  
THAT could have been you or your friend for this ad campaign!! 
Oh well, next time.  Check my Facebook wall. Ya never know. Things happen quickly here in LA!!)


I decided to go out to find my own models and went down to the Boardwalk on Venice Beach.  I found one tourist from Brazil and one local lady, originally from the Philippines who resembled the description that my client was looking for.   However there were too many distractions in the background. Plus it was windy so the potential models' hair was flying all over the place and the lighting wasn't picture perfect. 

On Monday, the client decided to contact model agencies and booked two models for the job.

I went to the client's office and set up my gear in an adjoining room.  I own pro-grade gear, so I provided a roll of white seemless paper, (brought black backdrop just in case,)  a backdrop stand, high end strobes, namely Profoto® Strobes, Profoto® Softbox and umbrellas.  In essence, I have my own portable studio that I can set up quickly and that I can take professional portraits, headshots, glamour and fashion photos on the go. On the Go Shiggy Go!!!!!!

As a professional courtesy, I tethered my Canon 5D Mark III with a 15 foot cable to my MacBook Pro Retina so that my client could immediately view the photographs of the models and could thus provide instantaneous feedback of how the shoot was going.  Time is crucial. Time is money.

The photograph was then going to be made into an illustration, however, the illustrator wasn't local here in Los Angeles , but lives way out on the other side of the country, all the way in New York.

How do we get photos shown from Los Angeles to New York?

Simple solution:
With my handy iPhone, I took a photo of the first model and whisked that over to New York to get approval by the illustrator.  The illustrator was happy with the iPhone photos, the composition and the positioning of the model and I only had to make minor adjustments with the key light.  Therefor, I got the go ahead to continue shooting.

I shot both models and then immediately sent the large TIFF files over to the illustrator in New York.

When the shoot was done and as one of the models was leaving she asked my client what the photos would be used for.   My client responded that it was going to be used for the Los Angeles County's Public Safety emergency system entitled "Be Ready LA."

As you know, it's not "if" we are going to have a catastrophe such as an earthquake here in LA, but "when."  The campaign is to get people "ready," and essentially get people to know their neighbors by starting of with a "hello" and forming relationships. Relationships that are critical in a crisis and a major emergency.
BELOW: Several quick iPhone photos taken behind the scenes.

(Above: A very quick iPhoto of one of the models/actors.

 Note the model's long hair in this photo.

Hair today. Photoshopped tomorrow!!! )

(Above: A self-portrait with my model/actor.  She's a twin!!!)

(Above Left:  Artist concept.    Above Right: Final product.)

 Shiggy Ichinomiya is a Los Angeles based Photographer specializing in advertising and commercial work, including wedding, engagement, boudoir, family, executive portraiture, sports, editorial actor's headshots, celebrity portraits, event and corporate photography. 

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Image is very important. 

Especially YOUR image.  Period.

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