Friday, February 22, 2013

A mother of three boudoir photo shoot. LA based photographer "Shiggy" of GoShiggyGo Photography

Photographer: ©SHIGGY
Website: www.GoShiggyGo.Com

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Professional Hair & Make-Up: Trisha Kwan
Website: Beauty By TK.Com

Boudoir photography is photographed all year round, however, since Valentine's Day was approaching, I decided to organize a two day boudoir marathon session (a Saturday and a Thursday) for clients who wanted to have photos taken for their Valentine's Day sweethearts.

I was very pleased indeed because 
the boudoir photography sessions on both days 
were completely

(Above: Like a scene from The Graduate.)

Not all my clients are comfortable with their name or their face being posted on a blog, Facebook or social media. It's very understandable, especially for people with children, prominent jobs, careers or just because they just plain old wanna keep their photos private.  And I respect that one hundred percent.

I keep my word when it comes to my client's privacy. Only when I get permission to post, is when I do so.  I consult with my clients and message my clients back and forth on which photos I can upload or not, so that they won't be surprised seeing photos of themselves.  Everything is transparent so that the client will not be shocked.  As it should be.  I told "Anonymous" that if she ever wants me to remove any photos, I'll do it in a heartbeat. No questions asked. And that applies to ALL my clients past, present and future.

 My client, who I shall refer to as "Anonymous" was quite shy when she approached me at first.  She absolutely loved the photos but didn't want me to reveal her identity.  She was happy with me posting photos that didn't show her face or her name.  

"Anonymous" is a wonderful mother of three children.  I wish I could post the other absolutely stunning and Covergirl like, timeless, elegant and classy photos of her, and you never know, she might agree in the future!!!! They are for my client and her husband's eyes only!!!  Still, it's INSPIRATIONAL that a mother of three would have the courage to do a boudoir photography session and you never know, it might inspire others to be brave and have the courage too.  

 (Above: A gorgeous silhouette of "Anonymous."

(Above: I want to give Trisha a big shout out on working this marathon boudoir session.   The hair and make-up, though not apparent in these photos, was picture perfect. Thank you.)

(Below: Client's testimonial.)
(Above: Client's testimonial. Thank YOU so much.)

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 A boudoir shoot is an absolutely amazing gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend. However it is also an incredible and fabulous gift for yourself. A true confidence booster. 
Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

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