Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gary Wimenitz actor model Headshot, portrait, GoShiggyGo, athletic, action photographer. Los Angeles.

YAY!!! I'm so excited when a client tells me that they signed with an agent, or that they booked a commercial or got a call-back for an advertisement because of my photographs.  It's such a great honor and such a privilege.

I shot with Gary Wimenitz in January of this year and we did some studio portraits and some basic natural light headshots.  A couple of months later Gary called to say that he found representation with a Hollywood agent based upon the photos that we took!!! Yay!!! 

The agent wanted some additional photos that included athletic and fitness photos to add to his portfolio.  Since Gary swims with Tower 26 in Santa Monica and participates in triathlons, we decided to head to the beach and shoot some running, swimming and biking shots.
Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya

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Client: Gary Wimenitz
Location: In my GSG Portrait Studio and Dockweiler Beach

Gary has a wide range of looks and could represent many different roles and characters. 

(Above: Detective? Undercover cop?)

(Above: CNN Reporter. AKA Anderson Cooper?)

(Above: Middle-aged dad? Wealthy business owner?)

(Above: Sincere. Hard working. 
Look into my eyes, I'm here for you.)

(Above: Author? Philosopher? Visionary?)

(Above: Shaving commercial?)

(Above: Welcome to the Beverly Hills Manor. 
How may I help you?)

(Above: Confident. Secure. Established. Own it.)

(Above: Ready for a bike ride)

(Above: Swim. Wetsuit. Athletic.)

(Above: Smiles for days.)

(Above: Yoga and stretching.)

(Above: Graceful stride.)

(Above: Modeling some underwear.)

(Above: In addition to headshots, Gary's agent wanted some photographs of his hands. 
Hand model for products such as mobile phones.)

(Above: Hand model. Bike gloves.)

(Above: All American nice guy and happy face 
ready to represent YOUR product and YOUR brand.)

Wanna do a photo shoot?
Sports? Athletic? Lifestyle? Yoga? Fitness?

Hand model?
California casual by the beach?
Headshot? Portrait?
Professional photo for LinkedIn? Social media?
Underwater shoot? Creative? Different?
Want to build your portfolio and 
put the "AWE" in AWESOME?
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Do it now. Strike while it's hot. Momentum.
Make it happen. 

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