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Headshots Los Angeles William Rustrum Musician Portraits Photoshoot GoShiggyGo Photographer

Photographer: @Shiggy Ichinomiya of GoShiggyGo Photography

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William Rustrum Musician based in Los Angeles.
William's Website:
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(Above: Dramatic!! Powerful!! Eyes!!!
And here's an ax for ya!!) 

 (Above: In thought. Deep.) 

(Shiggy Ichinomiya)

 (Above: Eyes!!!)

 (Above: All about the eyes.)

(Above: Ahhhh, ten-shun!!!)

(Above: Nice "squinch" going on in the eyes!!!)
(Above: I looooove this photo of William with his 
big, beautiful smile and of him hugging his guitar!!! 

About William:
Did YOU know?

 (Above: William participated in the annual Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge at the Culver City Plunge Municipal Pool.
It is an event to raise money for under-served youth so that they
can learn how to swim. Great job William on getting involved, giving back and helping out.)
 (Above: William getting ready for the Malibu Triathlon!!
It's 5:30 something in the morning!! Still smiling!!
Photo credit: The guy next to William in transition. FB.)
(Above: William likes to participate in the 
Mo Geller's PCH 101 rides on Saturdays.
This is Big Rock on PCH.)
Did you know:
1) Not only is William a fine musician, he's also a triathlete and has participated in numerous triathlons.
2) William is a member of the LA Tri Club.
3) His favorite color is blue.
4) William loves dogs.
5) His favorite food is Thai food!
6) Favorite sport is a combination of three sports.
Y'up, triathlons!!
7) Someday, William would love to visit Egypt.

 Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah!!!) is
 a Los Angeles based headshot and portrait photographer.
Please contact Shiggy for rates, availability or any questions.

Below is a headshot/portrait session of Dr. Heather.
Heather's a Cardiologist and is the "Vegan Heart Doctor."
Click on HERE for portraits and headshots of Dr. Heather xoxo

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