Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tower 26 8/20/12 Photos: @Shiggy GoShiggyGo

(Above: Hmmm, that looks like Tom Hiel's beard on the right!!!)

(Above: Peter Brantley getting ready for another loop)

(Above: They're coming!!!)
(Above: They're getting closer)
(Above: Who is gonna be the first around the buoy?)

(Above: Synchronized Swimming!!!!) 

 (Above: BOTH buoys, the orange and the white one are visible in ONE photograph)

More Photos CLICK below LEFT


(Above: In anticipation of the big wave------dolpin!!)

 (Above: Wall of water)

(Above: Consume more water)

(Above: Dolphined)

 (Above: Survived)

(Above: Carly)

 (Above: Nice form Carly)
 (Above: Well done on the HIGH elbow Carly)
 (Above: Carly taking a peek at the cute photographer!!)

(Above: Two groups!! On the far left = Ocean 101 with Tim Bomba and crew
On the right = Tower 26 participants!!)

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